Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Payback For Mandel and His Merry Band of Followers

Payback Mandel, you and you merry band of councilors, rubbed our noses in the closing of the city airport without a vote, then you messed up our chances of keeping the Indy, and now YOU are upset that you can't have your Expo 2017? How does it feel Mandel? You are mad? Well guess what, now you know how some of us Edmontonians feel about getting our faces shoved into the mud!

What is most upsetting is that you would, in typical lefty fashion, blame Rona Ambrose for your failure to sell even Edmontonians on your plan. You never asked us if we wanted this Expo, we didn't. Alberta didn't and now it appears that Canada didn't either. Now can you go back to work and get our streets cleaned and stop supporting far left groups who think it's all about "white privilege". Dang, politicians bug me. Apparently I'm not the only one who feels that way. Check out the comments and video:

Feds reject funding of Edmonton Expo 2017.

Mayor Stephen Mandel is lashing out at the federal government for turning down the city’s Expo 2017 bid funding, prompting the province to declare the effort dead.
“I have never been as mad at anything,” a red-faced Mandel said late Monday.
“(I am) just so disappointed at the lack of vision of the government.”
Of the $2.27 billion the event was expected to cost, the province was to pay around 65% and the federal government would throw in about 25%. The city would cover the remaining 10%.
The bidding process alone was expected to carry a price tag of around $22 million.
 Lack of vision? Look in the mirror Mandel, you and your puppets have no vision, you showed this by closing the city airport. Every major city has more than one airport, but not Edmonton anymore. In 10 years we will be crying about what we used to have, an airport close to downtown. How about we talk about the 34 Ave interchange that is now 500 Million over budget. Get to work for Edmontonians, not your elitist Liberal friends, didn't you already give them an $88 Million art gallery? Isn't that enough slop for the entitled?

Congrats to the feds for realizing that Expo 2017 was going to be a huge money pit for not only Alberta's taxpayer's but also all Canadians would have had to share the pain. I am 100% sure that Alberta MP's (except for ecoNDP-Duncan) listened to us Albertans, and I stand behind their decision to axe the Expo.  I notice Stelmach was quick to jump on the anti-Expo bandwagon when only yesterday he was wailing about no support from the feds. Too bad he didn't have the backbone to tell Mandel NO in the first place. He left it to the feds to shut the money pit down.  Maybe Mandel should stop attacking females.....oh I forgot, that's what lefties do, and they see nothing wrong with it. Mandel should apologize to Rona, but I'm sure she's tough enough to take the criticism, wrong headed as it was. It just made Mandel look like the heartless, intolerant lefty that he is. Lefties and intolerance, a match made in "progressive" heaven.

Photo is of my garage window, it is bone chillingly cold out there.

Given that it is going to be 30 below tonight, I suggest that Mandel go out and find some of those homeless people who need help instead of bleating about an elitist Expo that no one in Alberta or Canada wanted. Blame it on the lefties for yelping too loudly about the cost of the G8/G20. How can they justify the cost of the Expo, given their opposition to the cost of the G8/G20? Anyone? Thought not!


MariaS said...

Great rant, Hunter. Also, you might have seen this: http://www.stephentaylor.ca/

Your mayor would have put you guys in unbelievable amounts of debt if he had got his way.

GritPatriot said...

The west wants in. What a joke. Conservatives take Alberta for granted. When Quebec wants money the vault door is wide open. When Alberta wants money, Harper thinks he can screw us and still win all the Alberta seats. Tories used to be believe that having an Tory government in Ottawa would be a good thing. What a joke. Tories do less for Alberta than Liberals.

hunter said...

Ahem, GritPatriot, the Liberals gave us NEP, we have long memories. We are slow to anger, slow to forgive.

Also, Conservatives don't want taxpayers money being wasted on a mini-Expo.

GritPatriot said...

Hunter, I am not going to defend Dief for cancelling the Avro Arrow or Trudeau for the NEP or Mulroney for raiding the taxpayer with $42 billion deificits. Political decisions from 30 40 and 50 years ago is for the history books. All of these old grievances happened before my time. The only image I know of from the NEP days is one with Lougheed and trudeau clinking champagne glasses after the signing the NEP. The Alberta Tories in the late 70's have suckered guys like you by pretending they had nothing to do with the NEP.

DO you vote tory becuase you hate liberals? It sounds that way. It is why Alberta is in the mess it is. The Tories don't work for Alberta votes. They take them for granted.

Harper has no problem spending money for job creation. That is one of the major rationales for the F-35 jet fighter. Spending money in Edmonton will create new infrastructure and jobs. Those are good things, wouldn't you agree?

More importantly, we beleived in Alberta that having a Tory government would help Alberta get favourable treatment from Ottawa. That has not happened. It turns out that Harper takes Alberta for granted and is willing to spend money in Quebec but not Alberta. The west is not in. We've all been had.