Thursday, November 18, 2010

Women Against Islam! Or Not!

I can say women, because Brigitte and I are both against this barbaric "religion", so two is then women, not woman. I don't think males can understand the sheer horror that women feel about this repressive "religion".  Here is only one example:

I found this thanks to Dodo Can Spell, MariaS has some great videos that you should watch.

What is allowing Islam to gain footholds in the west, is the fact that feminists are not willing to support women who are being murdered or disfigured by their Muslim husbands, combined with western males who don't want to "offend" us females. It is political correctness gone very wrong.

I am sickened when I hear about women and gays being stoned and hung in Islamic countries. I am offended by the imams spouting hate towards western culture. Funny how the western "progressives" are silent, like the moderate Muslims, unless it refers to Israel, then they are out in force.

If Islam is truly a religion of peace, then why are their supporters so silent about Muslim terrorists? I would love to see Steyn and Brigitte debate any imam/Muslim/"progressive" combo, but NOT in Canada, they would be hauled in front of the HRC's (human rights commissions) so fast, butter in 30C wouldn't have a chance to melt! 

As an aside, do CBC moderators vote for you? Check this out:

I never voted on those two comments, someone else voted FOR me, who could that be? Anyone who knows me, knows I would have agreed with both of those statements, but CBC has me disagreeing. What are those moderators up to?

Here is another like minded person. What exactly is the CBC doing? What are they up to? They couldn't be changing the news to support their outlook could they? They couldn't be hiring moderators who have access to your account information, who accidentally vote for you, could they?  Yikes that's scary if true! Oh, banish the thought!


Southern Quebec said...

I'm sorry...where in your posting do you discuss "Is Obama a Muslim"? It doesn't show on my computer...

MariaS said...

Hahahaha ... Hunter CBC has been massaging every single thing they print or say to the tune of
"I am a leftie, a leftie I am,
A leftie I will be forever more,
forever, forever, forever. Only leftie love can be printed or said within our parameters, leftie, leftie CBC"

I used to comment at CBC and at other places and soon realized that anything against lefties never saw the light of day.... so gave up.
That's why it gives me great pleasure to send leftie comments I get at my blog straight to the black hole of nothingness.