Thursday, November 04, 2010

Political Junkie Looking For A Fix!

I watched the US elections and I was thrilled that the Republicans took back the House. Obama and the Democrats had free reign for two years and pushed through many distasteful policies. This will now be slowed, and Obama will have to co-operate or answer to the electorate in two years. This is a US version of our minority government. Republicans now own the House and committees while Obama has the veto and Democrats own the Senate. It could be gridlock.

Our minority Conservative government is still rolling along nicely here in Canada. PM Harper is perceived as the best leader, while the party itself languishes at 37%, the same numbers as last election. Nothing here has captured the imaginations of Canadians like the Tea Party has in the US.  I don't think Canadians need that kind of movement, but we do need some excitement in our politics. Five years of incompetent opposition and media yelling from the rooftops that the Conservatives are scary and have a "hidden" agenda is frankly, yawn provoking.

I want a reason to get excited about politics again. I want something to fire my Conservative roots. I'm a political junkie looking for a fix! I'm getting mushy policies and obviously politically motivated decisions like the Sask Potash no-go. I'm not hearing about how the Conservatives are going to shut down the Canadian Wheat Board anymore. I'm not hearing about dramatic changes to the Young Offenders Act, and I am certainly not hearing anything about the Human Rights Commissions being shut down. Basically, I'm not hearing anything Conservative out of the Conservatives anymore. They have become the "hidden" party. They are so busy hiding from anything controversial that they have all but disappeared. They need to find their backbone, and give some of us Conservatives something to get excited about, because right now, I'm hitting the snooze button everyday.


CanadianSense said...

Great post. I am reading from other blogs as well they want more visibility on the Conservative agenda.

I believe the success of the Conservative government has been their incremental approach to politics. Slow and steady vs Ottawa has a new sherrif and knows best.

That did not work out for Obama and it would backfire for our PM.

The changes don't appear to be significant on an individual basis but I think history will prove otherwise.

Canada has not enacted Kyoto II?
We helped block a Global bank tax
favoured by EU and the US.

Short-term stimulus spending is coming to an end in 2011 and the Program Review by treasury freezes are in effect. (Fireworks to start)

I already have seen in QP MP's asking for more money for "x". The next budget will be smaller and watching the opposition fall over themselves should be fun.

Southern Quebec said...

Well...if you're looking for something to blog about, you could:
(1) talk about corruption going on with the renovations on Parliament Hill;
(2) talk about Brent Rathgeber, MP, who has a photo on his blog showing himself (illegally) wearing a navy uniform (with rank! no less);
(3) talk about the nice people at the legion celebrating in a KKK outfit; or finally,
(4) talk about how PMSH budget has skyrocketed during a recession.

There's a lot out there Hunter!

hunter said...

Hey, SQ, how about I write a blog post about those two LIBERAL MP's that just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar? Stealing taxpayers money, it's a Liberal rite of passage, or a religion, I'm not sure which.