Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pistol Packing Momma!

Halloween is done, and it's too early to decorate for Christmas, so I had time to go to the West Edmonton Mall shooting gallery today. Yes, we really have a target range, with REAL guns that you can shoot! Dang Alberta ROCKS! I had never shot a pistol before so I had a lot of fun with the 38.  I am pretty proud of my results, as seen here:

Don't mess with us Conservative women, we aren't just good looking, we are smart, and can shoot the nuts off...oh, guess I shouldn't go there ..... HA!

I know some of you are waiting with baited breath to know how my kitchen renovations are going. Five new appliances will arrive this Friday, I can't wait. Our old dishwasher, is from the 60's, that just shows you how good Maytags really are, but it is so loud it shakes the whole house. My current microwave is from the 70's, I bought it with my first, and close to last income tax rebate. I worry about my kids being turned into aliens from all the bad rays coming from it. Finally, my new stove is a gas/convection, expensive but worth it, I hope! We stuck with warm "white" instead of the cold easily smudged stainless steel models. Why pay $500 more for stainless?

Once the dishwasher is installed, we get our new counter, I went with laminate because I can't stand granite.

Here is the before, a factory produced product (from Quebec) that is really dated, but it is real oak:

After much stripping, sanding, and staining, we have the same cupboards, with a new fresh look!

I love the results! The wood is so natural now, not masked like before to make all the cabinets look the same.... boring.

My "Dogs With Wings", you ask? Here they are, on the couch, which is a big no-no, but they are so cute who can say no!

Yes, there are three dogs, one is just visiting, but they are all "Dogs With Wings". Soon they will be helping autistic children, blind people or handicapped people, hard to believe when you see them like that.

 Or like this, raiding the garden to get to the carrots! Another big no-no, so don't tell the Dogs With Wings people....quiet.

I loved shooting a real gun, my kitchen should be finished before Christmas, and the dogs are doing great. Life is good.


CanadianSense said...

Thanks for the update. Funny stuff.

The Grey Lady said...

I have never used a hand gun, target or otherwise, but I am patiently awaiting my PAL courses in January.

Been looking at a Bolt Action 22 rimfire rifle, just can't make up my mind to go traditionally expensive like a winchester, Remington or try a mossy or Ruger. Ideas?

sor said...

Greetings. Smart not to go with granite. Mining granite is similar to the process used for oil sands extraction but much worse.

Funny you never hear the eco yuppies deriding granite counters. Nor do we see Green Peace picketing kitchen stores for selling granite. I bet Suzuki loves his counters. Cheers.

maryT said...

Take a gander over to Blazing Cat Fur, to see how blind muslims
are denied seeing eye dogs as they are dirty.

Southern Quebec said...

They sure are three beautiful Labs! How long do you keep them before they go into training? We have a local group here who rescues dogs and then trains them for autistic children. win/win! My chocolate lab recently passed her Therapy Dog test. Got to figure out now what we are going to do with it!