Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"White" Privilege Wins Or Not...

So they have taken the offensive page down and apologized....or not!

Following a maelstrom of complaints, the contentious material contained in a city-sponsored anti-racism campaign has been pulled. "It just sent the wrong message," said John Reilly, a diversity and inclusion consultant with the city.
Wow, sounds good, we complained, and we won! Or did we?

"We certainly did not mean to offend people with this. We would apologize to anybody who felt offended by that."
 They WOULD apologize, not "we apologize". They are going to reword it, but they don't think they were wrong.

That material has been removed and the 13 organizations behind the campaign are now working to rephrase it.
Charlene Hay, executive director of the Centre for Race and Culture, said there was some truth behind the controversial content.
"I think we do need to acknowledge it," said Hay, who is white.
"It's important. It's the kind of issue that is complex and requires dialogue."
She added the site's comments should have been phrased more effectively.
"It needed some pre-explanation," she said, adding now is the time to address the issue.
"We can have a rational dialogue."
So, they aren't apologizing, and they still think that they are right, they just worded it wrong! You know us "white" privileged peoples don't understand so good. Pre-explanation this: We understood you the first time, the damage is done, stop calling "whites" racist. No amount of re-wording is going to work now. This reminds me of those environmental idiots who released the 1010 video of kids blowing up. When lefties only listen to lefties they have no clue how people will actually react to their ideas. Common sense is not something you can accuse lefties of having or using.

I want to thank all those people who emailed "racism free Edmonton" to tell them how racist they were actually being. Conservatives are starting to get the hang of this protesting stuff! You stand up to a lefty, and they have to back down because they are wrong. Maybe the Tea Party in the States has started something worldwide. People taking back the power from governments and bureaucrats. People shining the light on the elitists who think they are always right and we are wrong. People standing up proudly and supporting our country, our troops and our Prime Minister, are making inroads into the Liberal mess that we have to deal with and fix.

Good job everyone! Let's continue to win the small battles, because they add up and become big wins for our side. Next, the AHRC!!! My vote counts on them being dismantled. Can I take a complaint about the Alberta Human Rights Commission support of the "racism free Edmonton" campaign to the commission? What if we all emailed them about being offended, would they investigate themselves? It wouldn't cost us anything and it would twist them into pretzels trying to explain why they gave taxpayer money to that group. Could be fun!


liberal supporter said...

Can you honestly say you would be at the same position in life, financially and socially, if your parents had been black?

Though you would have heard this one: "Why is there a Black History Month, but no White History Month?". "Because every month is white history month".

I look forward to the usual attempts to put words in my mouth, just as you did when you claimed that they said "if you are white therefore you are a racist".

kursk said...

So, because I was born white, it is my fault that someone who was born black has a harder time of it?

I had no say in being born white..what you do after you are born is what matters. I was born poor and put myself through school. My 'whiteness' meant squat.

I cannot expect a member of the perpetual grievance tribe to understand that concept, but try I must.

I don't care if you want a black history month, just don't force me to pay with my tax dollars for what is essentially an exercise in making blacks feel good about themselves. Whites were involved in a very high percentage of the most historic events in human history.Why shouldn't they be at the fore front? There was a lot of white derived history before the first black man was sold into slavery ( by other black men) and came to the west.

When someone says I should admit to something I don't feel, I will always chafe. The fine folks at reverse racism central called whites racists, without using those words.

I can see you buy into the white guilt.What these folks did was bigoted and racist.

Can you imagine if blacks were asked to take ownership of a 'agreed upon fact' of their race?

Instead of 'admitting' white privilege ( used in the most pejorative way possible) How about asking blacks to take ownership of their disproportionate involvement in violent crime by population numbers?

There would be howls from the left!

Riots, even..

hunter said...

ls, if your buddies were so correct, why did they pull the page? Why did they back down? Why didn't they shout from the rooftops how correct they are and we should listen to them?

Instead they crawled back into the sewers that they emerged from because they got called on their racism, and they have no response.