Friday, November 26, 2010

Dangerous People!

The PIGS are sinking, the EU is a bad idea, and the UN has become a dictators haven, other than that, everything is just fine. Or not.

First you need to listen to Nigel Farage:

Dangerous people! Dangerous mindsets!

Notice how big the socialist group is, and we think we have problems with the NDP?

The EU has propped up Greece, now Ireland is asking for help, next comes Portugal, and then Spain...better known as the PIGS. The EU is running out of money, what happens then? I hope it dissolves. 

The realisation that markets may not allow the euro zone to muddle along making only minor tweaks to its fiscal rules, as it did in its first decade, appears to be sinking in among European policymakers.
On Wednesday, the finance minister of euro newcomer Slovakia described the risk of a euro zone breakup as “very real,” a day after German Chancellor Angela Merkel told parliament the euro was in an “exceptionally serious” situation.
“This is a systemic crisis which requires a systemic response but we haven’t seen that so far,” said Mr. Lombardi. “This is being dealt with on a country by country basis, first Greece, now Ireland, and you can be sure they won’t be the last country.”
Let's see if I have this straight. Each country has municipal, provincial/state, and federal governments, then you add the EU, and don't forget the UN. Sovereign nations in the EU appear to be at risk. If  federal governments can dictate on immigration and foreign policy, does the EU policy supersede a nations government? If Ireland takes the EU bailout, they will be answerable to the EU, therefore they lose some of their sovereignty. What happens if your nation disagrees with a EU policy? 

A very smart politician warns the EU, but members walk out instead of listening to him:

Will the EU survive? I hope not, it is a first step towards a one world government. It started as a way to form a trading block and has become a way for some countries to overpower others. It needs to go the way of the climate change dictators. It is based on the wrongheaded "multicultural" concept, that even Germany's Merkel has denounced. Each EU member of parliament costs over 2 million dollars a year, and that doesn't account for all their other projects. 

Dangerous people is right!


johndoe124 said...

Your post reminds me of McCallum stating that if you want the government to have a bigger role in the economy and society then vote Liberal. In other words, more centralization, more erosion of democracy. I guess Liberals are dangerous people too.

Anonymous said...

The Euro is dead; it just won't fall over. When nations with economies as diverse as those in Europe tie themselves to a monetary system that will not permit them to follow there own monetary policies then you end up with a few nations supporting all the rest. This is what comes of all socialist schemes; the prudent and industrious send their citizen's hard-earned money to the spendthrift and lazy. Even between the U.S. and Canada, which are as much alike as two sovereign can be, a single currency is bad so long as each country can set its own fiscal policy. All it takes is one profligate partner in any monetary arrangement for the burden to be shifted to the partnership as a whole.