Sunday, November 28, 2010

Prepare For Liberal Heads To Explode

If Fantino wins on Monday. Travers is already pretty much conceding the race to the Conservatives.  Where he goes wrong is talking about a winter election. First he says that the Liberals are going to defeat the government:

Despite recent and controversial bipartisan cooperation in extending the Afghanistan mission, the Prime Minister can tell the Governor General, more or less straight-faced, that the minority Conservative agenda doesn’t have enough opposition support.
It’s a sturdy point. To position themselves as the alternative, Liberals are promising to spend on home-care and education, not new prisons and fighter planes. Those differences start the countdown towards a Liberal attempt to defeat the government when Conservatives bring down a late winter budget.
 Then he thinks PM Harper will force an election:

What’s more certain is that a Monday victory in Vaughan would give Conservatives the added and appealing option of tipping the country into a winter election while Liberals are slipping and sliding.
What I get from the article is that Liberals are scared and don't know what to do about getting their support back, even with the MSM shrilling for them. The Conservatives won't rush into an election, why should they? The opposition is abysmal, Iggy is unelectable, and the Senate is ours. Besides that, people are not engaged with politics right now, they are more concerned about their jobs than any election. The good news is that, if there is a winter election, we can watch Sun TV! We won't have to wade through the lefty slop anymore to get to the real truth. How refreshing is that going to be?


CanadianSense said...

We should not read too much into this either way.

The push back against Liberalism has been slow and steady since 2000 in Ontario.

The Toronto Star has decided to attack Fantino and begun to dampen expectations they should win in Vaughan.

Where was the Liberal media during the crisis? Why have they ignored problem until now?

I read a post that Liberals are "too stupid to just lie down and stop breathing."

Are Canadians finally waking up to the fact the trust in the Federal leaders and failure of Liberal Policies by their Provincial Leaders is coming home to roost?

Ron said...

Unscientific Poll!!
Yesterday Bruce Stanton MP Simcoe North and John Tory canvassed one poll for Julian Fantino in Vaughan.
Out of ten households, 7 positive, 2 undecided, and 1 negative.
Could be a good day for the citizens of Vaughan and the Conservative Party

gimbol said...

travers seems to base his prognostication on the release of the Federal government beign late winter.
This tells me that James is not considering all outcomes.

terraderma said...

'...the senate is ours....'

I had always thought it belonged to Canadians with the balance of power shifting a little from time to time....but always the best interests of the country, and not neccessarily the parliamentary minority of the time.

A little too 'bwa ha ha' if you know what I mean......and you don't get over 36-37% that way.

There...I'm not a lefty troll and I didn't swear.

Joe said...

If the Conservatives win Vaughan they won't have to call an general election. The Liberals will be so scared they will agree with any policy the Conservatives come up with.

The Mad Hatter said...

Well, Fantino has won, and now the poor voters in Vaughn, and the party for that matter are stuck with the jerk. After researching him, my personal opinion is that landing him as a candidate was a terrible mistake.