Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sick Of Lefty Universities?

Send your kids to college. Most colleges now offer degrees, so your kids will pay less in tuition fees, and get a better education.

A typical university economics course means your kid will be one of 300 stuck in a huge auditorium. A typical college economics course means your kid will be one of 30 in a classroom. A university business grad takes two years of arts courses and then takes two of business. A college grad takes two years of business courses and then takes two more of business related courses. A university grad takes sociology, modern dance, field hockey, and other social science courses to get their degree. A college grad takes courses that are directly related to the degree, no "fluff" courses are necessary.

Most importantly, colleges are not infested with leftist professors (yet) who dictate to their students how they should think, or student government that only supports those groups they agree with, and censor those they don't.

Carleton anti-abortion club wants court to review ban
The lawyer for an anti-abortion group just decertified at Carleton University said Friday he will take the school’s student association to court unless the ban is reversed. Albertos Polizogopoulos called the decision to decertify Carleton Lifeline by the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) “totalitarian”  and “ludicrous.”
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, meanwhile, has sent a letter to CUSA asking it to behave more responsibly and protect minority opinion.
“You can be pro-choice and for free speech,’’ said Nathalie DesRosiers, general counsel of the civil liberties group. ‘‘Student governments must act like a government and represent all students, not just the ones who think like them. They have a duty to protect minority views. We have told them that what they are doing is not proper and they should respect the right of dissent.”
Lefty universities are not teaching your kids anything worthwhile. What does your kid do with an English degree, or a sociology degree, or a degree in history? Where are the jobs for those kids? If your kid goes to a college, they can become a paramedic, a plumber, a welder, an accountant, all highly employable careers. 

My oldest boy has gone to the open houses for the U of A and NAIT, he has decided to apply to NAIT because he can get a two year diploma and go out and work, or he can get his degree, all for a lot cheaper than if he went to the U of A. If you do not want your kid indoctrinated by lefty professors, send them to a college, they get a better education without the politics.


Southern Quebec said...

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Kit said...

Curious. With this definition, it would seem that it is the modern politically-correct University that is encouraging and fostering ignorance. By being actively complicit in stifling debate, Universities across this country are at odds with education.

the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

maryT said...

BLY has a post up re this topic, and Ezra has a columm in todays NNW.
For a fun read, there is a column on the Senate in today's NNW.

Anonymous said...

Or, you could send them to a fine Christian university like Redeemer, Trinity or Wheaton College in the States.

MariaS said...

Hunter... there's a whole lot of lefty professors in the college environments too, at least here in Toronto.
The way to go about this is to put pressure on our elected lawmakers to open an enquiry on a Federal level starting with the Ministries of Education in all Provinces. This task could be allocated to the Senate.

Students both past and present should be encouraged to come forward as witnesses and talk about the decree of indoctrination they have suffered at the hands of the Leftish professors they had, or professors who are still enjoying a tenure with the universities.

Kunoichi said...

Let's not confuse education with schooling. They are two different things, and schooling is only one way to get an education.