Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bush, Obama, And Disgusting Remembrance Day Antics!

Here is a one on one interview with President Bush and Bill O'Reilly. Fox embedding doesn't always work, so here is the link:

President Bush Is A Class Act.

It's worth watching. No matter how hard O'Reilly tried to get Bush to comment on the current President, he wouldn't do it.

Speaking of Obama...It looks like the shine is off of Obama internationally as well as at home.

Obama given chilly reception at G20 summit

NEW YORK -- Barack Obama, heralded as a hero abroad when he was elected U.S. President, is getting none of that treatment at the G20 Summit in South Korea.
Mr. Obama headed to the summit with a plea for nations to work together to put the global economy on sounder footing and with hopes of signing a huge export-boosting trade agreement with South Korea.
Instead, he has gotten an earful from world leaders who have blasted the United States for monetary policies that are depressing the value of the U.S. dollar and threatening to create new bubbles.
And, in another major blow, he failed to seal a free trade deal with South Korea, a pact that would have marked the United States’ biggest trade pact since NAFTA was signed in 1994.
And finally, a match made in heaven:  

Veterans Day Outrage and The boy brimming with pride, the fanatics burning with hate...two faces of Armistice Day

Disgusting!  I expect imams from all over the world to condemn those fanatics, but I'm not holding my breath. Is this a turning point? Will the west wake up now? Will moderate Muslims? I guess we have to wait and see.

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maryT said...

And ex mayor Miller also made a very horrible speech today. BC Blue has a post about it.