Thursday, November 25, 2010

Touch My Junk.....Seriously Iggy???

Yuck, old junk touching is just creepy! I know it was a joke, but he just didn't.... pull it off! HA!

Ignatieff doesn’t mind his junk touched

The Liberal Leader doesn’t mind airport officials patting him down.
“I have people touching my private parts all day long,” Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday in the foyer of the House of Commons.
This is going to show up in Conservative ads, I can guarantee it! Can you imagine what the MSM would have done if PM Harper had said that???


The_Iceman said...

That's funny!

Bert said...

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read that.

JR said...

Blechh! What's funny (weird?) is that Iggy didn't think that would come back to bite him.