Sunday, November 07, 2010

You Are White, Therefore You Are Racist!

Or so the City of Edmonton says. Alberta Ardvark posted a blog alerting us to this webpage and it has been bugging me all day. This is a vile and disturbing webpage because they are actually accusing "whites" of being racist just because they are "white"!

Here is the lead sentence:

There is more:
Racial "whiteness" is many things, but one of its consistent qualities is power. As people granted unearned privileges by our own whiteness, and as people who have likely harmed non-white people with our own whiteness, it's our moral and ethical duty to find ways to combat racism.
This is what my tax dollar is paying for in Edmonton? Racial "whiteness"??? WTF is that? I am white therefore I am a racist, and I have been "granted unearned privileges"? This is racist and they don't even realize it. Watch this video, that Alberta Ardvark provided, the "white" female reporter is all about victim hood.

I have earned everything I have right now. I started working at 15 to save up for university, I worked two sometimes three jobs in the summer to pay for my next year of university. I only got one loan from the government in my 4th year of university for $2000, I was turned down every other year. I earned my place in the workforce, not because I was "white" or because I was "female", but because I was qualified for the job. 
This Halloween my youngest had 5 friends over, 4 of them were "non-white".  This "racism free Edmonton" program is telling my two "white" kids that they are second class citizens because they are "white", when they have never seen that their friends are a different colour before now, colour has never mattered to them. "Racism free Edmonton" is promoting "white" reverse racism. They are doing more harm than good with their campaign. 
I know Conservatives are not big protesters, we prefer to just mind our own business. I ask all of you who read this, whether you are from Alberta or not, to email the City of Edmonton and tell them your thoughts on their new "racism free Edmonton" campaign. Here is the contact info:

Contact us at:

I know it appears to be just an Edmonton issue, but it's not. A special interest group is taking our tax dollars, and calling "whites" racists. We need to be concerned about that.  True racism is bad. Unfortunately "racism free Edmonton", has promoted it against "whites" instead of eradicating it.


Just being honest said...

All the usual cultural relativist half-truths these groups perpetuate. You gotta love the young lady in the second picture on the home page wearing the iconic Yasser Arafat keffieh (although in green). Oh how progressive. They tacitly support the PLO's violent, terrorist tactics.

CanadianSense said...

If you examine the American author, speaker you will discover she is a Liberal feminist that has been employed by Liberal private schools with high tuition's.

I don't know how much her worldview is connected to reality of the struggle of regular folks including us "white people" who don't send their kids to prep school that cost $ 35k per year.

She may have been unhappy with the students, families life styles. Her social standing and possible lack of wealth or being accepted in these social circles may have helped push her to this extreme view.

CanadianSense said...

The fact that some people born in Western society feel it necessary to blame white people is not unusual.

If you examine history the largest minority or culture dominate the landscape. In Western society we have taken steps to address equality and opportunity.

Do you think in other societies the struggles of classicism is taking place?

America has been working on it our for years and Europe has peerage.

Africa and Asia are well behind us in providing equality to all their citizens.

Thucydides said...

My long term goals include expanding a business into Western Canada.

Attitudes like that will cause me to take my "privileged" white self someplace like Calgary (should I choose to go to Alberta), or a suitable palace in Saskatchewan if not...

Actions do have consequences, and Edmonton will see money and investment only comes in ONE colour; green. Too bad they will only see it flowing away from them.

Frances said...

Thucydides: be warned - the 'pet'name for Alberta's capital is "Redmonton". That should tell you something.

And don't be put off by the mayorality races either. Calgary didn't vote Mr Nenshi in because they're so much less racist than the rest of Canada; they voted him in because he actually had a proper platform and was not afraid to take a stand on issues.

MariaS said...

I knew about this website some months ago, Hunter... and at that time I thought to myself that a more potent kind of leftism was going on in Alberta... it's under the surface, but be warned it's presence is lethal and it has found a favorite hole in your Province in cities like Calgary and Edmonton.
You have not been immune to the madness of leftism, the kind we have here in Ontario, however, in your Province it is very subtle but can come out with a roar when you least expect it to. Think the recent Calgary election.

Ardvark said...

What scares me the most is that the people who are running the anti-racism campaign cannot see anything wrong.

Making BLANKET statements about people grouped together ONLY on the basis of the colour of their skin is racist. There is NO other word for it.