Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proud To Be Canadian! Remember.

One thing that I love about Ontario, is their Highway of Heroes, and the support they show by filling 50 bridges every time a soldier comes home, no matter what the weather. I am sure you make the pain of loss just a little bit easier for the families who have lost love ones. Good on you Ontario, I hope you never have to come out onto the bridges again.

I particularly like this one because you get a real feel of what it must be like up on those bridges. I also love it because as the cars go by, you see the family waving back to the people on the bridges. Canadians helping fellow Canadians through tough times. We cry for the loss, but somehow those people on the bridges, lift our spirits as well.

On the 11th month of the 11th day.....remember! I always do because I was in labour with my youngest son who was born on the 12th. The pain I was feeling, doesn't even come close to the pain of the families who have lost a son, daughter, mother or father because of their willingness to give all for their country. My heartfelt thanks to all our troops and their families. You make me proud to be Canadian!

I wonder where the fire in PM Harper's gut in support of our troops has gone. Have the opposition worn him down? Remember Red Fridays? Here is PM Harper giving an unscripted speech right from the heart. I want this PM back!

Honour a veteran, wear a RED poppy.

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