Friday, November 19, 2010

They Support Our Troops....BUT!

Why would Canada not stand up in defense of Afghans, especially the women and young girls? Why would the opposition think it was acceptable to abandon those who need our help? The NDP, supposedly the party of the people, are the biggest hypocrites. Make love not war is still their motto. Unfortunately for the NDP, we have moved on from the sixties.  We understand that our troops can help oppressed people better than some lefties shouting give peace a chance.  Thank goodness the Liberals opened up the door for our troops to stay in a non-combat roll. They actually took a principled stand for what was best for Canada and Afghanistan. Clap, clap, I seriously applaud you! (No I am not being sarcastic!)

Canada can now hold it's head up at the NATO meeting. I will always support our troops without any "buts". They are sent into missions by our government, and they do a superior job, always. It's time for the lefty opposition to grow some balls and stop being fake pacifists. If Quebec doesn't want to support our troops, Alberta would be honoured to become the new home for the Van Doos! I suspect the Van Doos would have something to say about that, as they are proud Quebec Canadians, too bad their own province does not recognize their worth.

It is easy to sit at home in our peaceful Canada, and be passive, it is much harder to put your life on the line for your country. The Conservatives and the Liberals should call the NDP and the BLOC on their lack of support for our troops. They always say they support our troops, ...........BUT!

There should NEVER be any BUT's in our support.

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