Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Female Is Being Chased By Someone....

Which political leader would she run to for help? Harper, Ignatieff, Layton or Duceppe?

Duceppe, would yell at her to speak French.
Layton would ask if she needs welfare money.
Ignatieff would slowly look up from his book, and ask her if she understood the great fight between the Russians and Ukrainians.
Harper, would notice her problem, and stand in front of her to protect her.

That is why Canadians think he is the best politician to lead Canada:
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is convincing Canadian voters that he is the best politician to lead the country — particularly during tough economic times, results of a new poll suggest.
The nationwide survey by Ipsos Reid for Postmedia News and Global Television also found Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is failing to attract much support from the public and, on many aspects of leadership, he falls behind both Harper and NDP leader Jack Layton in popularity.
As a female, if I was in trouble, PM Harper would be the guy to go to. Not just because he is physically bigger than the other leaders but because he gets things done. He does not back down from his positions, he is honourable and most important you can trust him.

Think about all those guys you dated, were you attracted to the metrosexuals with purses or the rednecks with guns? I was always independently minded and so I was more attracted to the guy who was confident enough to let me be who I was.

Feminists can't handle a real man. They like the creepy crawlers who sue people because their feelings are hurt. Conservative women aren't scared of real men, they embrace them as husbands and trust them to help raise their kids. Conservative women can raise a family, have a career and enjoy life with their strong males. Their husbands are life partners not just one night flings. Babies are cherished and loved, not butchered as inconvenient particles in a body.

I find Liberal/progressive women really irritating. They form committees to discuss how tragic their lives are and accomplish nothing. They refuse to support women in places like Afghanistan who are getting stoned and hung for minor offenses, yet they cry for Khadr, an admitted murderer, to come home to Canada. These women are delusional fools. They are weak and are only attracted to weak males. Thank goodness they think childbearing is beneath them.

If I was ever in danger and needed help from one of our leaders, I would pick PM Harper in a flash. The opposition can label him as a bully, but as a female, I see him as a strong individual who gets things done. I am proud of our Prime Minister. He stands up to foreign leaders, and does not bow down (like Obama) to dictators. He has morals and will not compromise them for votes, and that really ticks "progressives" off. They want him fawning all over them, media especially, and because he doesn't they do everything they can to discredit him. Canadians are not stupid, they understand that our PM is a fair, honest and reliable individual who is leading our country in the right direction. Keep up the good work PM Harper!

(This message is not paid for by anyone, or any political party) HA!


CanadianSense said...

Great post.

Jan said...

As a female, you've hit the nail on the head about the irrelevance of feminism in our country today --and I might add, the hypocrisy. If one believes, as I do, that women are equal but different than men, this principle should apply to all women, whether they are in Canada or not. You don't hear the voice of feminists supporting this.
Islamists are in direct opposition to Judeo-Christian values in the west which believe that women are vitally important to society and should be treated with value and respect. Beware creeping Sharia law which advocates to disempower women and children and leave them voiceless. I do not reduce this comment to Wahhabi Islamists, because I have not heard the voice of Canadian moderate Muslim women in other Islamist cultures defending their rights or speaking out against Sharia law.
We should be on notice about this as already in Ontario, Muslim woman are now controlling the courtroom with their demands, and the courts are not actively prosecuting a man accused of running over his daughter, BF and son-in-law with his car because it offended his sense of "honour". The latter is due to a lack of qualified interpreters to represent him in the courtroom.
Oklahoma just passed a law banning the use of Sharia law in their state. Our gov't should grow a pair and do that here in Canada. THAT would go a long way to avoiding future problems.