Friday, November 05, 2010

Unions Dictating Alberta PC's Agenda!

We got saddled with Stelmach because Liberals and NDP signed up for PC memberships and voted. Now we have union members signing up as Conservatives to vote down proposed bills. They are using Alinsky's rules for radicals, and laughing about it. What they are scared about is the Wildrose Alliance, because they have not been able to infiltrate that party YET.

Also Saturday, one of the most heated moments of the convention erupted during debate over a resolution that would have allowed union members to stop their dues from funding political ad campaigns.
Supporters referred to the union-backed television ads seen during the 2008 provincial election, in which an ominous voice repeatedly whispers "No Plan" to criticize the Tory government. They said union members should have the power to opt-out of funding such campaigns in the future if they disagree with the message.
But a group of union supporters took issue with the motion, at one point yelling "out of order" several times to drown out proponents.
"This is a wedge issue, an issue that divides us at a time when this party is under attack from all sides," said an opponent.
The resolution was narrowly defeated.
This resolution should have passed with flying colours if the Alberta PC's were actually Conservatives.  They are not. 

How about those HRC's in Alberta? The one that put Ezra through hell for over a year and then backed down when public opinion turned against them. I have for the first time in my life emailed the Premier of my province to tell him that HRC's need to be erased. So, what does the party do?

That debate was followed by another contentious proposal that called for the removal of a section of the Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act. Supporters said the section, which deals with the publishing of discriminatory material, gives too much power to people who are "easily offended" and infringes on freedom of expression.
The motion was defeated after Education Minister Dave Hancock got up to defend the current legislation.
"Posting a sign that says 'No Person of Colour Allowed on Premises' isn't appropriate in our province," he said. "This section (of the act) isn't used very often, but it's an important symbol of our society."
Dave Hancock, the hippies are calling, you left your opinions in the 60's and they want them back. Are you kidding me? Is this an example of what the Alberta Conservatives have become?  My God, are they serious? Are they really that stupid? Are they really allowing the union fakers to dictate their agenda?  Maybe all Conservatives should sign up for NDP memberships so that we can dictate the NDP policies. That would be a hoot! Can you imagine us voting on NDP policy? They seem to think it's okay for them to vote on Conservative policy, so it's only fair for us to do the same to them!

The unions and lefties are now dictating to our Premier and his party. I wonder if the Alberta PC's and their far left buddies at rabble, are going to be shocked when they lose the next election to the Wildrose Alliance? They shouldn't be, given their lefty positions on everything. 
It is said that PM Harper does not suffer fools lightly, have you noticed that he never actually talks to Stelmach. He gets along better with Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Williams than Stelmach.....what does that tell you?  
The Alberta lefties can't win any seats provincially so they dishonestly sign up as "fake" Conservatives and hijack our agenda. Lefties, no morals, no principles.


Powell lucas said...

The unions don't have to do anything but stand back and let the Tories commit suicide all by themselves.

Tonight the CBC ran a story which is also available on their website by one Max Paris entitled "Clean Energy Strategy Draws Support"

After a lead-in with Pierre Trudeau and his NEP are highlighted the report goes on: "A new national energy strategy plan meant to make Canada a centre for clean energy innovation is drawing the interest of federal, provincial and territorial energy ministers, CBC has learned."

The story continues to tell how "Bruce Carson, a former senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper", David Emerson, representatives of a number of major oil companies and, of all people, Mario Raynolds the executive director of the Pembina Institute, an organization that is totally anti-oilsands have got their heads together to plot a scheme to make the Canadian oil industry a world leader in environmental responsibility.

Nothing wrong with that until we come to the hooker as stated by Srewart Elgie, an environmental law professor at the University of Ottawa: "Part of it will require putting a price on carbon emissions to help drive and fund the investment." In other words they couldn't get us with Trudeau's NEP, so now they'll get us by taxing carbon; and guess which province has the greatest oil industry infrastructure?

Do you see a lot of names of people from Alberta on the list? Again it is the Ottawa clique, B.C. "green earthers", anti-Alberta econazis deciding how Alberta should operate its oil industry. I guess only Saskatchewan gets to say how their natural resources are managed.

The icing on the cake comes from Alberta Energy Minister Ron Liepert who says: "It's a good framework for moving forward." Hello NEP II; the Tories don't have to worry about leftists from the unions doing their dirty work...they are more than capable of doing it on their own!

Southern Quebec said...

Completely and totally off topic!!!

You're a dog person. Are you going to see Cesar? I only ask because I notice he is in Edmonton on Saturday. (I went last night...a total blast!)

Blame Crash said...

It's the unions acting through the Government of Alberta bureacrats.

How much dirt and corruption do you think they have on the PC Party? Tons and tons!!!

That's why they get what they want.

That's why they must be defeated.

Vote Wildrose!!

East of Eden said...

Okay, a little off-topic. Our party has introduced a bill to punish severely those sub-humans who harm children. I am waiting, with bated breath, to see how the Libs and NDP will oppose this. I cannot wait until those parties go against a bill which will help to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Bring it on, Michael. Bring it on, Jack. Give it your best shot.