Sunday, April 27, 2008

Money For Nothing.

I’ve been busy all day, so I have no clue what is deemed to be important by the media today. I was going to go to a bunch of newspaper sites to find an article I wanted to blog about, but then I realized, I don’t believe them, why should I blog about the articles they produce?

I agree with linking to an article that supports your point, or that you disagree with, but if every blog links to the same article, we are not encouraging free thinking, we are simple parroting the media we proclaim to disagree with.

So, from my discussions with my Brother In Law who works in Fort McMurray, comes this little discussion provoking item.

The Alberta boom has attracted mainly young men aged 18 to 30, with little education, who are making over $100,000 a year. This has attracted young females to the area. That is how it should be, except, many of these young females are preying on those males. Yes, females can be predators, think of the lioness. These females are purposely getting themselves pregnant, then they go back home, claim welfare as single Moms, and still expect the “father” to support them. They have the best of both worlds, they get money from the government and money from the “father”.

When my brother in law mentioned the huge numbers of young females in the Fort, I thought it was great, until he informed me of the tricks being used by these women to get pregnant so they could claim welfare. Plus they are milking the “fathers” for support. These women don’t want to get married, they don’t need to. Money for nothing and the tricks are free.

Why bother importing "dancers", when our own Canadian women are filling a gap up in the Fort?


wilson said...

Your post reminded me of this article Hunter.

Test of male 'pill' promising: study
April 28, 2006
CBC News

The lefties in this country love their Democrats in the US.
Bill Clinton in 1995 brought in tough welfare reforms,
where you had a limited time on the dole, and then were tossed off.
Much to the cries of the lefties, it worked. That results were amazing.
Here's an over view, but there are lots of articles detailing the reforms.

Canada needs to reform our welfare system. We have families living on welfare for generations,
when what they need education. We have families with muliple wives using the system as a job.

rosie said...

Maybe some of these uneducated, rich, "fathers" can "take responsibility for their own actions" (the conservative mantra) and wear a rubber. OR they could choose NOT to have sex with the local neighbourhood whore-and save it for their serious, long term girlfriends. But would that be too much to expect from a stoopid, unedumakated young, hormonal man? So, I guess we should blame the women, another typical conservative mantra.