Sunday, August 23, 2009

And They Think Palin Is Dumb?

Really, the lefties are scared of Palin so they attack her and her family, even though she isn't a Governor anymore. I guess that's fair in politics to attack her, but they should leave the family out of it.

Now watch this and tell me why she is an eleven term Congresswoman and the Speaker of the House?

Is it just me, or is she just blank. As in nothing going on behind the eyes. Must be a California thing....

No wonder California is bankrupt and issuing IOU's!

This one, Barbara Boxer isn't far behind Pelosi....

Lefties, it's okay for them to protest (they love Acorn and unions),

but when ordinary Americans try it, they are unAmerican, Astroturfers and besides that, they are too well dressed to be real protesters. That is what the lefties do, they hire protesters, usually homeless people, so they expect the same slimy behaviour from their opponents. They can not understand that these are real Americans, who are concerned about their health care.

As a last resort, they swear and name call, like my little trolls. Dim bulbs.

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