Monday, August 24, 2009

Did Anyone Hear Her Screams?

All I can say, is thank God that he took his own life, it saved us millions in court costs. As a Christian do I feel any sympathy for this guy? NO.

What bothers me is that some stupid women helped him!

HOPE, B.C. -- B.C. police say they've identified the woman who helped reality TV actor Ryan Jenkins -- accused of killing his swimsuit model ex-wife -- check into and pay for the motel room where he was found dead Sunday.

Why does the press have to make a point of saying she was a "swimsuit model"? Think about what he did. He was so enraged that he beat and strangled Jasmine, his wife, until she was dead. This takes time, think about how long you can hold your breath. Did he look into her eyes as she was dying? He could have stopped at any point, but he didn't.

Now she lies at his feet dead. The person he loved just minutes ago, is dead. What does he do? Cuts off her fingers and yanks out her teeth. Imagine taking a knife and cutting off someones fingers, did he gag? Did he vomit? Next the teeth, it's not easy to remove teeth, it would have taken real determination. This is not a Halloween fake film. This is real. Jasmine was a real, live, breathing person, with feelings and hopes for her life just like you have.

Now, he has to get rid of the body, so he stuffs it in a suitcase and throws it into a dumpster. I wonder what he did with those fingers and teeth. She was so badly beaten that she had to be identified by her breast implants? Did anyone hear her screams?

Does anyone care anymore about the actual victims? Like these:

Fight II
Fight III, Warning this is very disturbing!
Fight for Kids.

Those are only a few examples of the sickos that live within our society. Did anyone hear her screams? It seems not, we were too busy plugging our ears.


Bec said...

"What bothers me is that some stupid women helped him!"

It may be determined that she also called the RCMP, I have heard.

As this was playing out, I too was outraged but as I follow the reaction and comments from his family, I am starting to feel somewhat different.
I do believe that he committed this disgusting crime but I think it would be better if it was proven entirely with all of the i's dotted and t's crossed.

As far as domestic violence goes, it is often the ones that you would least suspect. It is a hideous crime and should be dealt with far more severely than it is in Canada.
These men (or women occasionally)are bullies and cowards that have a freakish nature to control. As a society, we need to make them far more accountable than we do.

Dodoforever said...

When I read that he committed suicide, I uttered "good riddance".
If he had been caught, there would have been a truckload of lawyers rushing to his aid, all on the taxpayer's account.
Bec - dispel those doubts that you have. If he was innocent, he would have stayed put where the murder was committed and let justice take its course. Running away and holing up in a motel tells another story, a story not in his favor.
The more men of his calibre decide to off themselves, the better I feel.