Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So, All Is Quiet.

They thought people would erupt, they watched, and nothing happened.

Canadian officials feared backlash to film on Islam: reports

Canadian security officials closely monitored last year's release of a Dutch film about Islam, fearing it could spark violent protests, documents released under the Access to Information Act show.

The National Post has obtained copies of seven intelligence reports, circulated by Ottawa last year, that warn of a possible backlash against the documentary Fitna and Danish cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

Why no backlash? Could it be that radical Muslims in Canada hold no power? Could it be that moderate Muslims have finally started to quietly accept a new way of life here in Canada?

Canada did not experience the anti-cartoon violence that shook Europe and the Muslim world in 2006. Canadian newspapers did not reprint the Danish images at that time and protests in Halifax, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto were peaceful.

Canadian newspapers did not reprint the Danish images? Hello, they didn't because they were yellow bellied, but one magazine, the Western Standard, did in fact publish the cartoons, and Ezra Levant spent years fighting the Alberta human rights commission because of one radical Muslim who's feelings were hurt.

Additional intelligence reports followed in May and June but no violence ever occurred. "Overall, the Canadian reaction to these publications has been limited," said a "Secret" report dated May 14.

Canadian Muslims "feel that although the cartoons and films like Fitna are undesirable and inappropriate, ongoing dialogue and peaceful demonstration is preferable to violent protest," it added.

Yesterday, the Dutch prosecution service said it would not lay charges against Mr. Wilders for republishing the cartoons on his website since the images were not offensive to Muslims and did not incite hatred.

Ongoing dialogue and peaceful demonstration is preferable to violent protest? Absolutely! I hope this common sense approach continues to create a positive dialogue within the Canadian Muslim community. The Muslims I know are gentle people.


prairie dog said...

I just spent 10 weeks living and working among Muslims, different strokes for different folks. They are not all the same....

East of Eden said...

The Canadian Muslim population didn't rise up but the HRC did go after Ezra Levant for publishing the cartoons. It's okay to eliminate Christian and Jewish symbols and it's okay to denigrate Christianity but publish those cartoons and freedom of speech and the press go out the window.

kursk said...

What ever will the security services do when Canadians rise up in protest against Islamic inspired violence?