Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remember The Drugs You Smoked In University?

Well, this is a clear picture of what happens to you when you smoke too much of the wacky stuff. This is a glimpse into the lefty world, and it's really too funny. They think they are talking intelligently about......well, nothing. The fawning over a radical reminds me of kindergarten when the most popular kid was the one who didn't pee his pants.

Oh, in case you are not sure that she is a radical idiot, let her show you, in her own words.

Typical leftist garbage, shout "racist" over everything you disagree with. We might as well laugh about them, because that's all the consideration they are worth.

There before you stands the typical feminist, airhead. You go girl! HA! Sad little dumb bunny.


taxitalk said...

conservative women in politics remind me of angry men in porno. lol

Pissedoff said...

In my day the most popular kid was the one who could pee farthest up the wall. Just saying.