Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stampede The Herd!!!

The opposition parties called an emergency meeting of the health committee today. If you really want to waste a few hours, you can view the meeting in all it's glory here.

I watched it, the opposition was trying to make it seem that the federal government has dropped the ball. To bad the only help the opposition parties got was from some balding guy from Brampton whining about not being respected in the morning.

New pandemic planning efforts target businesses

David Butler-Jones, the country's chief public health officer, said it is difficult to say how the H1N1 flu will evolve in the coming months.

"Businesses need to be able to prepare for the pandemic in both the worst and best scenarios," Butler-Jones said at the same news conference in Ottawa.

Such planning can help businesses learn more about responding to crisis situations, even those that are not health-related, he said.

Later Wednesday, Aglukkaq will go before a House of Commons committee to face questions on the government's pandemic preparation measures. The meeting was called by opposition MPs who have criticized the government's handling of the pandemic so far.

The health committee will also hear from federal officials and medical experts.

Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, a member of the health committee, spoke to CTV News Channel prior to the news conference on Wednesday morning.

She said that opposition members want to ensure that Canada is prepared for whatever may happen in the fall.

"If it's milder than we expected, then we will have done our job," Bennett said.

The opposition is looking very very weak if this is the best that they can come up emergency meeting on H1N1? Are they trying to scare voters? Couldn't be, they wouldn't be that slimy would they? It's not like they are trying to panic people about the issue...emergency meeting in the summer for no good reason? Nah, couldn't be the opposition trying to make this into a political issue. They wouldn't stoop so low would they?

It's not like they are trying to stampede the herd or anything. Right?


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

H1N1 is no fun, having suffer the damn thing. Never been so sick in my life, lost nearly a month in bed, luckily I had a week's worth of antibiotics on hand.
Take it very seriously,

West Coast Teddi said...

We are preparing for the "pandemic" as best we can at the seniors home where I work. Our major concern is staffing and supplies (gowns/masks) and will we be able to meet the challenges. Every year we need to "shut down" the facility for flu/Norwalk type out breaks so we have some experience in this.

The health authority is/has taken the H1N1 very seriously and are under going serious planning.

It is serious and we will lose a number of wonderful seniors when it happens no matter how severe.

wilson said...

I caught a few minutes of the committee on CTV,
upshot was...all yah gotta do is ask.

First off, the Provinces deliver healthcare.
If the Premiers don't have a plan, the Feds can't filter in their plan.

The Premiers all have a plan, (the SARS plan with modifications)
their district health boards have a plan...and the opps are playing politics and look really really stupid now.

jad said...

O/T, Hunter, but it sort of relates to your previous post on Conservative/Government PR.

Check out this site which provides details of where all the stimulus money is being spent. Thanks to blogger Morgan on an nameless Liberal site. It's a bit slow loading, but the amount of information is pretty staggering if you keep drilling down.