Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Death Of Canada-Mexico Trade Because Of One Unnamed Source!

You might think so after you read Ivison and his "unnamed source". Since wafergate, I'm questioning reporters sources more often. So many stories that have these "unnamed sources" are made to sound authentic, because they are "official" or "high ranking", we have no clue if it is a "high ranking" taxi driver from Mexico that is being quoted in this opinion piece.

John Ivison: Visa bungle tests Canada, Mexico friendship
Posted: August 06, 2009, 7:04 PM by Ron Nurwisah

...Mr. Calderon is understood to be deeply unhappy at the Canadian government’s decision to demand that Mexican nationals travelling to Canada now require visas — a move aimed at stopping the growing number of fraudulent refugee claims by Mexicans.

Mr. Calderon is understood to who?? Ivison! Not even an "anonymous" source is quoted for that line. It's just Ivison's opinion.

....Sources suggest that when Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon left Mexico City on 20 April, having discussed the issue with his Mexican counterpart, it was agreed to set up a working group to study the refugee problem.

What sources?? Oh, here it is:

...“It was a bucket of cold water,” said one Mexican official. “It was very, very badly received in Mexico.”

ONE Mexican official?? Not a "high ranking" official? Is someone just making things up? Who knows anymore with the way the media is making stuff up lately.

...But the ham-fisted way in which the issue has been handled has caused harm that may be irreparable to our relations with a country that has been one of our closest friends.

“There isn’t a good atmosphere for Harper in Mexico right now,” said the Mexican official.

Ham-fisted, irreparable?? Is that your OPINION Ivison? Can you be anymore "sky is falling" in this opinion piece?

THE Mexican official??? Is this the same guy or a new guy? After all the media making up stories, it could be the official greeter at Walmart who just happens to be Mexican, or maybe it's the cleaning lady at a Banff hotel? Who knows and who trusts journalists anymore anyways.

...But the Mexican official said he has already heard anecdotal evidence of Mexican businessmen by-passing Canada because they cannot afford to hand over their passports to the Canadian embassy for two weeks in order to receive a visa.

It seems apparent that Mr. Kenney pushed this misguided policy, either to pander to the Conservative base or to build his own right-wing credentials for a future leadership bid.

Whatever the reason, his claim that there were no other options does not hold water. The policy should be reversed and Mr. Harper should invite Mr. Calderon back to Harrington Lake at the first opportunity.

Even the Mexican official has only heard something, maybe. Misguided policy? In Ivison's opinion, he has no proof, except from that Mexican official who has maybe heard something about it.

And the media wonders why people are not buying their newspapers anymore? Here is a clear reason that revenues are falling. Journalists like Ivison think we are stupid, and can be lead into believing anything as long as they mention something from an "unnamed" source!

Maybe Ivison should look for the "unnamed" Liberal source of the wafergate non-scandal instead of making up his own Mexigate!


maryT said...

Maybe, if this is true, the Mexican President should/could do something about all the drug crime in his country. Or perhaps he could start arresting those wannabe refugees and put them in jail instead of complaining about both Canada and the US not wanting all his criminals.
I think every article reporters put in the papers now will be questioned like this one.

Anonymous said...

This will sound mean-spirited but I really don't care what they think down there in Mexico about our policy. This is our country and we get to say who comes in and who does not. For some reason, people seem to think that Canada owes them and this is totally fractured logic.

I have nothing against immigration, considering that I am only a second-generation Canadian but I am ticked with this attitude that people wanting to enter Canada have the "right" to enter and if we refuse, then we are wrong. Sorry, but that bites, as far as I am concerned.

Once in our country, some of these people start to complain and demand and if they are refused what they demand, then they call us racist.

As far as I am concerned, we take care of our own before we start to cater to newcomers. Granted, most immigrants become good Canadians but there is a growing contingent of s**t disturbers.

Here's one case from a few years back. I think it was in London, Ontario that a family from South America moved in and the mother opened a club to which the neighbourhood objected because of the traffic and noise in what was once a nice quiet neighbourhood. Well, the lady went to the press and said that she felt that her neighbourhood "needed" some life and that people should lighten up and "embrace" this new culture.

Balderdash. Attitude adjustment needed. I think her club closed but the principle remained - it's like me going into somebody's house and smoking cigars and telling the owners of the home to lighten up and embrace the smoke and smell.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Good catch, Hunter.

Psst. I'll send you some info about Iggy and then you can call me the 'unnamed source.'

sor said...

My sentiments EXACTLY. In fact Lorrie Goldstein had a tongue in cheek column yesterday about the paucity of truth in journalism.

I actually didn't read the Ivison dreck and now I'm glad I didn't waste my time. Cheers.

West Coast Teddi said...

As usual there are 2 issues here, the actual "visa" issue and the MSM misunderstanding of the issue. The MSM needs to be trashed as often as possible on their "opinion vs facts vs reporting".

I am in favour of visa's for travelers where it can be shown that the good nature and kindness Canada shows the world is being taken advantage of. The sending country must take care of it's problems first rather than ship them to us (the Romas).

There are many legitimate refugees and we have done more than our share in resettling them. Enough already!

wilson said...

Hopefully visa requirements will slow or catch some of these unwelcome 'visitors':

How Mexico's drug war washed up on Canada's West Coast