Thursday, August 27, 2009

PROGRESSIVE Liberals, Shame!

Here is a sample from CBC of our tolerant liberals. Funny, CTV had comments all day, and poof, they disappeared them. illiterate coach as a senator. I always assumed a minimum of intellectual capacities was required to hold such a position. But then, look at who made the appointment...that explains everything. But I should be fair and give Harper credit for one thing: he's very creative when it comes to say and do stupid things.
he picture says it all,, What's that Jacques ? Can't read?
Just ask the Duffer or the Green girl, how to vote, were all going down the same hill anyway.
with the 9 new cons at the trough harper is only 3 short of a majority in the upper house. when he gets four more he will dramatically change CANADA forever. Our hope is that we get a Lib. govt supported by the NDP. BUT then how does that govt pass any bills with a Con. marority in the senate ? Get rid of it and the sooner the better
Harper has lots of right wing prov. govts [b.c., sask, PQ, NL, NB] to elect senators if he strong armed them.
It's so good to hear that the senate has another appointee who certainly belongs there....Jacques illiterate turkey....My God.....Where do they come from? ....No wonder everyone thinks it's a room full of aging idiots.
Abolish that useless dumb place....give the money to the homeless.
ken tallman wrote:
Posted 2009/08/27
at 8:26 PM ET I would say that harper's senator choice(one at least) is horridly Ignorant.
Demers has NO Qualifications to be in the Senate.
If you think he does then you should appoint me because I, at least, can read and write.
Rules Governing the Appointment of Senators
Qualifications for Becoming a Senator
Canada’s written Constitution provides several requirements for becoming a Senator. Appointees must be 30 years of age or older, a resident of the province (or territory) for which they are appointed, and a natural born or naturalized subject of the Queen. Reflecting the tradition that the Senate consists of members of the economic elite, Senators must also own property in the province they represent. This requirement has, however, become irrelevant, as the property requirement is set at $4,000, meaning that most persons today are eligible for appointment to the Senate.

tallman: Demers has NO Qualifications to be in the Senate.

Ken, I guess Mr Demers did read the qualifications to become a sentor. He passes all qualifications.

tallman: If you think he does then you should appoint me because I, at least, can READ and write.

It does seem that the READING part is a little lacking Ken, Maybe you can ask Mr. Demers for a little HELP..

The Senate appointments are mockery and exaltation of partisan politics. If you suck up to the PM, you become a senator. That is the only qualification required to collect a huge pay, a cushy life and grand retirement pension.

Even Jack Demers, an illeterate person, will now have to learn to read and write. Mr. Harper you have made a mockery of the Senate, as the farewell act, before you are tossed out in the next elections..

Jacques Demers? Is this the best person for the job the cons could come up with from Quebec?"I've worked so hard these last four years to improve my reading and writing. All of a sudden, they name me senator. It's just incredible," Demers, 65, said."... What a slap in the face,especially to those of us who learned how to read and write in elementary.(does that makes us more qualified for the job?) I'd say so.
This Prime Minister is honestly the biggest hypocrite in Canadian political history.
I can't believe it....Demers a Senator....WOOW
He bullshit everyone all his life hiding the fact that he could not read or write and that makes him the best candidate for a senator appointment. Like they say.
Only in Canada.
As I see others giving the thumbs down to my earlier comment, I realize that at least those individuals can read.

Regardless of what we think about the current form of the Senate, do all you wonderfully liberated bloggers really want to be governed by people who can't read or write?

Political correctness has really gotten out of hand.
If ignorance is the key issue, there is a good chance Demers is better qualified to be prime minister then Harper.
pb-blade wrote:
Wow some of you are horridly ignorant. Criticizing Harper for appointing conservative leaning senators. Before you get off your high horses, don't forget that the senate was Liberal dominated and where many conservative bills went to die as such.

I would say that harper's senator choice(one at least) is horridly Ignorant.
Demers has NO Qualifications to be in the Senate.
If you think he does then you should appoint me because I, at least, can read and write.
I have seen more of the world than a Hockey Rink and I didn't have to LIE through my entire life to hide something that could have been corrected long before Demers was an ADVANCED AGE.
He took the EASY ROAD for as long as he could.
It wasn't embarrassing enough to do anything about until he was faced with Life After Hockey.
A life of Lies and deceit fits right in with haprer's requisites for Senator..
While Mr. Demers' issues with literacy may well be no fault of his own, it is scandalous that someone who has only been able to attempt rudimentary reading and (perhaps) writing would be named a Senator.

What the crap does Harper think he's doing?
Jacques Demers.... in the Senate?!? what a stroke of Harper style brilliance! Put an illiterate and out of work Hockey coach into the Senate. He is a Conservative Party supporter, and a willing puppet & pawn. That will piss off the Liberals. He is from hockey proud Quebec, and perhaps he will get a few extra votes. The red neck & stupid will think, gee, that Harper guy is pretty good! Someone like me in the Senate. More votes from his core supporters. The 'professor' types will be pissed off, and scream to get rid of the Senate as a result. If it helps to destroy the little bit of credibility that the Senate has left, perhaps it will be all that’s needed to kill it. That will perhaps allow someone like Harper to have no limits on the future political crap they can pull, and get away with. Poor Demers would be stunned enough to think its a genuine pat on the back rather than the subtle insult that it probably is. Its got Harper written all over it.

There you have it, those PROGRESSIVE Liberals, bashing a person who has had problems reading. You sick little people, you have no idea what compassion is all about. You accuse Conservatives of being cold hearted, yet you show us all how elitist you are.

Instead of championing Demers getting a senate appointment, you sick little lefties denigrate him.

What a wonderful thing that a person who struggled with reading has been appointed to our senate. Good for him and good for PM Harper!


West Coast Teddi said...

And now Williamson (tax payers) in the PM's office and Gary D (Manitoba NDP) is off to Washington. Take that Liberal Lefties.

The comments about the new Senator are disgusting to say the least.

Laurie Johnson said...

I kept seeing the word ignorant used.Mr. Demers is not ignorant but some what illiterate, big difference.I have met many people through out my life that were functionally illiterate that were more intelligent and in tune with the world then some Phd.s I have known.Some of the people I have met once it became known to me that they could not read were very ashamed (they should not have been)but by steering them towards adult literacy programs they have found a whole new world.By the By how many of the commenter s that have such a bad opinion of Mr. Demers used spell check when they posted?The first stone