Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Pickles This Year!

I know all the global warming nuts will not agree that this summer has been cooler than normal, but my plants tell me it has been. Cold weather is by far more harmful than warmer weather as far as crops are concerned.

Drought, cool temperatures threaten crops

While Canadians across much of the country have complained about a summer of weird weather, farmers say the rollercoaster ride of temperatures is wreaking havoc on their crops.

In the west, it's been a bad summer for B.C. forest fires, but the threat they pose to local wineries is just beginning.

.....In Alberta, meanwhile, the province has been suffering through its worst drought in 80 years. The drought has been so severe in some areas that cattle have nothing to eat.

Cattle farmer Seth Barnfield told CTV News that he's going to have to sell off his cows because the land simply can't sustain them any longer.

"We may have to do like a lot of people, and just sell them all out," he said. "That's the way you look at it. It's getting pretty tough."

In Manitoba and Ontario, soggy summer weather and cool temperatures have stunted some crops and resulted in a shortened growing season.

This is not something to just shrug off, this means fewer people will survive, because when crops fail, people suffer.

We are already feeling the end of summer. The leaves are starting to fall, and frost alerts are getting more common. Because we had such a late spring this year most crops are at least three weeks behind, and now the cooler weather is harming late crops like cucumbers. I have lots of blooms, but no cucumbers yet. My zucchini are starting to grow, then they stop, wrinkling up and dying on the vine. The cold evenings are stopping all growth.

My potatoes, carrots and beets are doing just great, but my tomatoes are smaller this year and are not even close to ripening. I know this is only one garden in Edmonton, but if you add up all the gardens/farms out there, it is worrying.

I do not believe that this years weather has anything to do with global warming/ climate change. As a matter of fact, global warming would have increased my crop, therefore feeding more people. If the oil sands are creating global warming, why isn't Alberta warmer? Why have we not had any smog alerts here in Edmonton?

The environmentalists are quick to blame the oil sands for polluting our planet, they are not so quick to tell us why China's coal industry is not polluting anything, even though you can see the pollution in the air. They want us to feel guilty because we have a much better living standard than those in third world countries, yet they fail to tell us that those third world countries are mostly controlled by dictators who repress their own people.

It's time to shake off the environmentalists, they whine and complain but do nothing. Does Suzuki have a garden? Does Lizzie May? Have they gone to Africa to dig a well? Do they do anything except protest? Seriously, what have they built? Do they have wind turbines running their power? HA!

No pickles this year because of global cooling.

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Jason said...

My wife has had a similar experience in our own garden up in Slave Lake. We get that we're quite north but that does not change the fact that spring came late and the summer has felt extremely condensed and erratic. No one I've talked to who has been here for a while remembers a summer like this.

Far too many of the warmists rely on grandiose rhetoric and hand-picked examples to make their case. They continually refer to the big picture and yet depend on the isolated factors (polar bear in the ocean, icebergs breaking into the sea, etc) to paint their picture of doom.

I'm all for being a bit more responsible when it comes to taking good care of the environment, but this 'sky-is-falling' mentality isn't doing anyone any favours.