Saturday, August 29, 2009


I recently talked to a young woman who had just been to Afghanistan to visit her grandmother. She was in Kabul, and was amazed at how much had changed in just a few years. She has hope that Afghanistan now has a chance, but she's worried that Canada and NATO might pull out before real peace in Afghanistan can be achieved.

The NATO troops are doing an excellent job. Unfortunately, some countries are not pulling their weight in Afghanistan. Our Canadian troops are doing an excellent job, and we need to acknowledge their sacrifices for Canada and the citizens of Afghanistan. Americans have also been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here is one very inspiring story:

To all our Canadian troops, all I can say is, thank you. We hear about the ones who die, but no one takes the time to talk to those who have been wounded. Those who have been injured in our fight against terrorists, need to be acknowledged, not shuffled into the back rooms. We do not see the harm that can happen to our troops, we are blind to the danger. We need to support all those who have served our country, not just those who have died, but those who have been wounded. They are the living truth of our fight against terrorists.

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West Coast Teddi said...

The blood bath that will ensue upon any nation pulling their troops will leave even the "liberals" reeling in disgust. "They" cut off the fingers of voters to start and the rest is history.

Thank You Canadian Troops for saving a peoples from certain devastation.