Sunday, August 23, 2009

Call An Election? What A Stupid Idea!

I get tired of linking to an article from some lefty newspaper so that I can make a point and getting bombarded by lefty trolls. This is a personal blog, and my opinions are mine. You can agree or disagree with what I say, but because of bad behaviour the lefties now have no say. Recently I have had to go on full moderation because those lefty trolls just wanted to disrupt my blog, they had nothing useful to say, except HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I started this blog because I was so disgusted with the Liberals stealing our tax dollars. This is not a fabrication on my part, we all know they stole the money, put it into brown envelopes and gave it to Liberals in Quebec.

So, the lefties try very hard to disrupt our messages. If they dislike something, they will call you a racist. This happened just about daily on my blog, until I was forced to go to comment moderation. That was their goal, to shut me down, to stop my voice. It is not just me, it is every Conservative blogger who stands up for our principles that they hit. Reminds me of ACORN, and union thugs, and that is what they are, thugs.

If you dare disagree with a lefty, like the recent protests in the US about health care, you will be targeted. What is funny is that you can see the thugs in action.

The Obama administration was busy pushing the health care bill through until the first Democrats held town hall meetings, and they got blindsided by the outrage of honest Americans. What did they do? Called in ACORN and union thugs to control the message, but it was too late, people had already seen the anger of everyday Americans. Now, town halls are being controlled by the thugs, and Americans are watching. Funny how the tea parties were brushed off by Obama, supposedly he didn't even know they were happening. Tells you how out of step the ONE really is with the pulse of the nation, no wonder they got blindsided by the health care protests, they have no clue.

Let me get this straight. We're going to get a health care plan shoved down our throats that is written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a president that also hasn't read it, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's nearly broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

Back at home, the media is all about the next election. We had one in 2004, 2006, 2008 and now they want one in 2009?? Must be because their ratings are so bad that they are hoping an election will give them a ratings boost. Unfortunately for them and Liberals, Canadians are tired of elections.

Iggy is with the puffins, hiding the Liberal droppings. Jacko is trying to rename his socialist party, without mentioning socialist. Lizzy is busy picking out another house in a new riding that she will LOVE, and it will feel like home to her (Where does she get all this money for new homes in new ridings?). Meanwhile, PM Harper is defending our Arctic, meeting with world leaders and getting us out of a recession.

Call an election? What a stupid idea.


Roy Eappen said...

Great post Hunter. You are absolutely right!

West Coast Teddi said...

There is a MSM article in the Star "ex-trolling" (my new word) the virtues of the media and how the bloggers "need" the traditional media to basically survive.

All this and lefty trolls and now talk of an election again ... CPC at 40% sounds like a MAJORITY to me!!

wilson said...

Maybe the opps are tired of relying on the Canadian people to elect them,
so they will elect themselves to run the country,
with Coalition of Losers II...?

hunter said...

True to form the lefties attack my blog. I see from my tracking software that poor little CC has linked to me, not sure what he said (I never go to the dark side) but I'm sure his little bots are very frustrated that they can't post here anymore. Poor babies.

hunter said...

Tisk tisk Ti-Guy, calling me the "c" word shows your lack of intelligence, which totally supports my comment about "CC bots".

Why do lefties think they have to swear to make their point?

John Cross said...

Hunter, you say "Why do lefties think they have to swear to make their point?" OK, let me ask you, why do those opposed to the science of global warming think they need to insult and use logical falacies to make their point?

Case in point, my recent conversation with Nicholas over at Jay's place.

I think it is pretty clear that he misunderstood my point from the start but the amount of invective, straw men and insults he used along the way is amazing.

If this was an isolated case that would be one thing, but in my discussions about global warming, I have been insulted and banned all without me ever using an insult or a swear word. So I don't think that you can really say it is a left - right thing.


John Cross said...

Thanks for posting my comment Hunter. But I note that you did not answer my question. Did you think that the comments by Nicholas where he uses insults and logical fallacies are appropriate?