Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Service Dogs For Vets!

Enzo, a seeing eye dog!

This is an amazing story about trying to get service dogs to vets. The American people have stepped up and given their money to this wonderful cause.

WWII Vet Doggedly Works to Get Canine Service Dogs for Wounded Warriors

MIAMI — No one knows first hand the horrors of war more than World War II hero Irwin Stovroff.

That's why when Stovroff — who was held for one year in a Nazi POW camp before being freed by allied forces — learned that the U.S. government didn't supply service dogs for wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, the 85 year old decorated hero from Boca Raton, Fla. made it his mission to overhaul the policy.

"It is a shame." Stovroff says about the lack of an official federal program that pairs up battle-injured veterans with guide and therapy animals that can greatly improve their rehabilitation. "I wanted to do something about it."

Stovroff has raised nearly $2 million dollars to help train and match up service canines with wounded combat vets. Stovroff is also pushing lawmakers for federal funding to finance the program that he says has received lots of bi-partisan praise.

What a wonderful idea, give wounded vets a helper and companion!

As you all know, I volunteer with Dogs With Wings. The Conservative Government has also started a similar program. Dogs With Wings is the only service dog society to be asked to provide dogs to vets. It is still in the planning stages, but it could be a huge lift for our war vets. So far, it's just an agreement to match vets with dogs, NO government funding has been offered.

Lots of service dogs are failed out because they bark too much or have allergies, they would make perfect companions to our vets. We owe them so much. We only hear about those who have been killed in action, we never know how many of our soldiers have been maimed for life. Imagine loosing a leg or an arm? What if you are a twenty year old soldier who looses a leg, can you imagine how hard it would be to attract a girl?

Service dogs make approaching a disabled person easier for all of us. I can't wait for this new program to get off to a running start for all concerned. Write to your MP's and tell them you want some of your taxpayers funds to go towards this excellent idea. A one time funding of 3 million dollars would set this program up for life, they wouldn't need it every year like other charities. In my books, 3 million to a Dogs for Vets Fund is way better than funding CBC for over 1.2 BILLION A YEAR!

Rigger gets to meet PM Harper!

I would be honoured to work with returning vets from Afghanistan to help them adjust to a life that is different from what they expected. I hope Dogs With Wings can help our vets. I know that the dogs want to help.

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maryT said...

I heard about this program yesterday, on Fox. Seems after they mentioned the story contributions started coming in. Nascar are thinking of putting a logo on their cars and fundraisers are being considered by some groups. I thought of you when I heard it and I was right, you are right on top of it.