Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Conservative.ca Sadly Inept!

During the lazy summer days, maybe it is time for the Conservative party to get with the times. When you go to the site, the first thing you see is Iggy....yuck. Get him off the front page.

Next go to multimedia...nothing is there. We should be able to see PM Harper's last public appearance...it's not there. I understand that the Conservatives are now the government, but that should not stop the party from covering all the appearances of the Prime Minister.

How much would it cost for the Conservative party to have a person assigned to the PM to videotape all his appearances? I listened to his speech to the Jamaican parliament, it was a podcast, why not a video?

You all know that the media is not going to cover any appearances or interviews because our PM, might actually look good. There is absolutely no reason why the Conservative party can not tape their own video of all of our PM's appearances.

Today on the Panama free trade agreement, what did we get? A biased reporter from CTV with no coverage of what PM Harper actually said. Why would the media even send anyone to cover the PM if all we get is a 2 minute spiel from a reporter? How much did it cost the TV station? From the coverage, they could have stayed at home and given their biased position without having to travel.

I can put a video from question period onto Youtube in minutes. Why can't the Conservative party of Canada get a video up within a week of our Prime Minister speaking to Canadians? Why isn't his appearance during the meeting of the 3 Amigos on the Conservative site?

When I met him, he had a very nice photographer taking pictures, but noone was videotaping him, and that is just sad because he is a very nice guy.

The Conservative party is failing to get the message out. There should be hundreds of videos for us to watch, sadly I only found one.

The Conservative party is great at phoning us for donations. They are not so great at promoting our PM. Maybe Stephen Taylor can clue them in!


Alberta Girl said...

Hunter - send this post to the following

PMO office

Conservative headquarters

Conservative war room

Doug Finley

Every single CPC MP

I could not agree with you more.

I am sick and tired of yelling at the TV hearing idiotic reporters opine their views as 'news', or actually make up lies and having the party I support not come out swinging at some of the crap we are being fed.

Calgary Junkie said...

Good points, Hunter. I too would like to see more of unedited Harper. His interviews on American tv are especially impressive.

So yah, if anyone at CPC headquarters is paying attention, time to pull up your socks in the communication department. And how about having Harper do weekly radio addresses to the nation, as the U.S. president does ? Or have him take any and all questions from the PPG, say every two weeks or so, like he did that one time ?

Harper is incredibly knowledgable on all the federal files. Let him show off his stuff.

jad said...

Greeat post, Hunter.

The official Prime Minister site has a lot of pictures, speeches etc. here, but there are also glaring omissions. There are items on the home page about the 3 Amigos summit and the trip to Panama, but the latest video showing is August 4. That's one whole week ago, so why does it take so long to get stuff up there. When it finally makes it to the site, its pretty irrelevant.

I think both sites would be great opportunities for pressers, interviews, etc. but for some reason they never make it. that wa a great interview with Jake Tapper of ABC, but I only caught part of it on CTV by chance, and I don't think it was ever on their website. What a missed opportunity to get the PM's message out.

Stephen Taylor, if you're out there, do you have any idea why these videos are not shown on the websites - technical, copyright or whatever ?

West Coast Teddi said...

I agree Hunter, I have done a cut and paste and will be sending it off to the CPC and my MP.

It was announced yesterday that Lizzie Maybe will be running for the Greens in my riding (actually in today's local paper it is "considering"). The internet is a great way to attract and retain members. The CPC web site maybe on my favorites list but I rarely go there because of the lack of information or interest.

Swift said...

This would be a good start. The party does not take advantage of the many possibilities of the internet properly. There should be a contact list for all the local EDAs. The party should develop a turnkey websire for the local EDAs. The party should provide material for the local EDA website at least once a week. Some of this content would go to all ridings, but other content would be targeted at specific groups of ridings, and some would be given to individual ridings. Getting people informed, involved and exited, is key to electoral success. Good websites can do all of this, and do it very economically.

Anonymous said...

I've been gnashing my teeth over this for years.