Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thumbs Down on CTV!

Ever notice how the comments on CTV have a thumbs up/down feature? Ever notice how you can give more than one thumbs down or up to the same comment, multiple times? I tried it today, you just need to leave the site, and come back in like you are a new reader. They should really fix that little bug, it appears lefties have figured it out too, so it doesn't really give an honest picture, but who ever accused CTV of being honest in their reporting anyways.

Speaking of honest reporting, never accuse CTV of that little detail. Take a look at their reporting on PM Harper's trip to the north. Here is a screen shot of CTV's online addition.

Top stories today shows nothing about the PM's trip, how petty can CTV get and still expect people to watch them? Did they even cover this event? Yes. Rosemary Thompson reported for 1:52 minutes on the 18th and 2:29 on the 19th. Wow she sure deserves the money she earns with that solid reporting. Thank goodness she doesn't work for the 1 BILLION dollar subsidized CBC, because they are all over this story:

You see it don't you? That little article on the right side, three down? HA! CBC is bad, but CTV is worse. Watch this video, it's about Mr. and Ms. Smug. Watch how they roll their eyes and slam both our Prime Minister and our military. Mr. Smug is particularly offensive against our military.

It's funny, when you take the answers away and focus on the questioners you can see how biased they really are. CTV is worse than CBC and that says alot!!

What bothers me the most is not this biased reporting, but the fact that Canada is trying to defend it's borders and the media is on a hate Harper mission instead. They obviously do not care about Canada and how their lack of reporting on our military maneuvers in the arctic aid our claims of sovereignty. This is a prime opportunity to show the world that Canadians care about our arctic, but they are so liberal that they do not care that their lack of reporting hurts ALL of Canada. They obviously do not care about Canada, or they would not have been slamming our military as is clearly shown on the video. They are not reporting the news anymore, they are making it up. The female reporter was interviewing a male reporter from Canadian press, so we have reporters interviewing reporters. No bias there!

I have given up on CBC years ago, but I find CTV more offensive than CBC, and that is a very sad statement. So, it's thumbs down on CTV!!


robins111 said...

The only reason I go to the CTV site is to vote in their silly push-polls.

I just have to know that dissenting opions will crank their minds.

Bruce said...

No wonder the PM doesnt waste much time with the Canadian media - they are a disgrace. I dont care much about CTV, but its the fact that the CBC gets so much taxpayers money that ticks me off.

West Coast Teddi said...

Certainly agree with you on this one. Since getting digital I mostly watch Fox News which is heavily American-centric to say the least. Used to watch a little Global but even they seemed pretty biased. Get my Canadian news from the net now or the National Post. Do Lloyd and Pete still work for their networks? Wouldn't know - don't watch.

wilson said...

When CTV did cover PMSH in the North, it was about a misspelled name.
Ever eagle eyed Red Tory gives us this 'laugh in the face of CTV'...
it's priceless, look at the highlights:

GRM said...

You are so correct about CTV. While CBC is openly vile about anything remotely Conservative, CTV is more sleazy and smarmy. For example CTV will re-run one of their PM smear stories for days on end, simply changing the title and regurgitating it as another new, newsbreaking story - of course allowing hundreds and hundreds of nasty lefty comments to be posted. Conversly, the CTV moderator will quickly shut down comments on a story if they recieve to many pro-Conservative remarks or some anti-Liberal comments. Now thanks to the useless CRTC, we are going to have a consumer tax stuffed down our throat to subsidize these clowns at CTV. If not for FOX, I would get rid of the satellite altogether.

Fay said...

Thankyou for Blogging about the next to nothing coverage of the ARCTIC. As soon as I see Brad Griffon on CTV I change the channel. He makes Denis Codiere appear fair and balanced in comparison.
Canaians need to make our feelings heard about our Biased MSM. Please Fox we need you in Canada!!!

frmgrl said...

I agree with the rest of you guys. Our media is pretty shameful.
The last year or so, I found CTV a little biased than even CBC. CTV seems to me to get quite petty at times. Just look at some of their so called journalists for example, Bob Fife, Roger Smith, Jane Taber, Craigy Oliver, the anti-conservative liberal cheerleaders. Tells ya a whole lot.

Jan said...

I think it's time we replaced a lot of the "old anchors" on CBC to try to reduce the partisanship. New employees should go through a "screening process" so we have a balanced style of reporting from all stripes. After all, ALL taxpayers support them.
Also (LOL), perhaps they could be subject to a fine for "gotcha" and poorly researched journalism and news coverage! Failing that, I suggest we Conservatives approach the HRC and sue the MSM for their derogatory slurs (at least we'd get some coverage and our legal bills paid).