Saturday, August 01, 2009

Storm Causes Havoc And Death!

Today was our yearly neighbourhood party, and the storm caused a rain delay until tomorrow. We had just eaten the appetizers when it blew in, it wasn't as bad as this one:

but unfortunately, it created havoc at the Big Valley Jamboree.

Stage collapses at Alberta concert

Big Valley hit by storm

CAMROSE - One person is dead and four are critically injured after a small portion of the main stage collapsed at the Big Valley Jamboree in Camrose Saturday night.

Another 15 people have been transported to hospital, said Camrose city police Chief Darrell Kambeitz.

We were trying to decide what to do about our barbecue, when someone mentioned that even the Jamboree had been shut down. It was only later that we heard about the stage collapsing and the death. The Heritage Days Festival was also canceled, luckily no one was hurt there.

Summer storms, beautiful to watch, but sometimes deadly.


maryT said...

For several years my daughter's family went to this event in Camrose. We were gone all day, and when I got home she phoned. She asked, mom, have you heard about the jamboree, no I replied, well, just to let you know none of us went this year. Knew you would panic if you heard.
Sympathy to the deceased, and prayers for a speedy recovery of those injured.

Alberta Girl said...

My daughter and son in law were at BVJ when it happened. My son in law said the stage was there one second - he turned his head and when he turned back it had collapsed. My daughter described awnings on trailers literally ripped away and tents and outhouses blown everywhere.

maryT said...

This story is being covered by Foxnews.

East of Eden said...

Wow - that is terrible. We are sure getting some wierd weather this year.

On a different note - Hunter, I love coming to your blog, now. The absence of trolls is so refreshing - no more distraction, ignorance, etc. And, Hunter, don't ever allow a commenter to make fun of your name or figure, ever again. You are too fine a person to have to suffer that sort of crap.