Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Duffygate! Lefties Just Can't Help Themselves!

It truly is a disease. They lie, they disrespect any different view from theirs, they believe they are the only ones who know how we should think, and they think we are stupid.

You would think that wafergate would have been enough to send a message to the MSM, but it appears that they have no clue. They think because they own the media, they own us.

So, right after the wafergate was proven to be a lie, we have the Duffygate! A more blatant misuse of a reporter's power I have never seen! Thank goodness we have the blogsphere. Thank goodness we have the Blogging Tories. Without such a strong group, the media could ignore our voices, but they can't now. The Blogging Tories are a strong team of Conservative minded people who are being heard and are making a difference.

I love PEI, my husbands family lives there, and we will probably retire there (depending on what the kids do). It's a delightful, safe place. Too bad the media makes mountains out of nothing.

Duffy's speech hints at looming federal election
P.E.I. senator sings praises of prime minister
The Guardian

Rumours about a looming federal election this fall were certainly not quelled by P.E.I. Senator Mike Duffy in a speech to a group of business people Monday.
Speaking to members of the Charlottetown Rotary club Monday afternoon, Duffy used his 15 minutes at the microphone to highlight the hundreds of millions of dollars the Conservatives in Ottawa have committed to P.E.I. over the past few months.
Funding announcements and re-announcements, both on P.E.I. and across the country, have become an almost daily occurrence since federal MPs began their summer hiatus. ‘The Duff’ has been front and centre for many of these announcements on the Island, representing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, praising the PM’s vision for the country at each one.
On Monday, he reminded those at the luncheon as well as those watching on EastLink cable about many of those funding commitments and promised more of the same for the coming weeks and months.

What I would like to ask Teresa Wright is did she report on the Charlottetown MP, who wanted to hang Mulroney high? You remember this one right? It's not made up like Wright's story, this is real live action from Parliament Hill!

And PEI Liberal's re-elected him after that outburst, probably because their newspaper forgot to report it. I love PEI, and I know how hard working PEIer's are. What I can't understand is why they want to be Liberal toadies, when the Conservatives have given them more respect than the Liberals ever did. The Liberals promise, the Conservatives deliver! That was the essence of Duffy's speech, but the reporter just didn't get it.


maryT said...

The question is, did editors redo her story. Perhaps she should change her last name to Wrong.

West Coast Teddi said...

logged in expecting pages of trollish comments - had to go back thru some of the older posts that I missed and saw the note - yahoo.

seems to me that the "liberal press" doesn't want to play politics and what would they expect Duffy to say anyway?

PMSH is a master at the political game and the MSM hasn't figured it out yet.