Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Weeks Round Up!

What's been going on this week? Not much, but some people want to make much out of nothing.

Senate appointments: I say go for it PM Harper, the only ones moaning are the poor Liberals who see their power eroding. They are also so slimy that they complain about someone who has admitted they used to be illiterate. So much for the compassionate lefties.

Election? I already showed you how we only needed less than 7000 more votes to win a majority. Why would the Liberals even be thinking election? I can only think that they except to win with a coalition, but they will not tell voters that's what's going to happen. Take Edmonton Strathcona as an example, Liberals openly voted for the NDP to defeat Rahim Jaffer, can they do that in every riding and get away with it?

Iggy? He changes in a telephone booth and champions......??? Someone give me a hint of just what it is he champions, other than puffins who hide their own pooh.

Obama goes on vacation and his believers attack the CIA to take the pressure off Democrats over health care. That should further tick off Americans who want America to stay safe.

Global warming forgot Ontario this week and caused havoc last week, if you believe the reports. Personally, I just think it's weather, but being one of those "deniers" what do I know, the science is settled.

Clinton came to town and cost Canadians 3 million dollars, but because he is a lefty, our MSM was all over him like Monica and a cigar. Was Belinda there?

Alberta needs a new Premier and if the Conservatives don't understand that, they will lose votes to the Wildrose Alliance next election. Even my Liberal Mom in BC misses Ralph Klein, so do I. He might have been rough around the edges, but he got Alberta into good shape, which Fast Eddie has wiped out in two short years.

Other than that, it's been quiet. HA!


sor said...

He and Gordo here in BC must be drinking from the same source. They both have gone off the deep end and consider themselves syewards of the environment.

People outside of the Lower mainland in BC are furious with the BC Liberals. First it was the carbon tax and now the HST.

Someone forgot to tell Campbell that the BC Liberals are supposed to be liberal in name only.

BC politics, you cannot live with it but you cannot live without it. Cheers.

gimbol said...

The libs bitch about senate appointments? We can now presume that the LPC policy is that the Senate needs reform.
Please indicate which is liberal policy:

1- An LPC government would pursue constitutional reform and will meet with the premier's in a lockup until they cave and signed on. (like Meech with the same resounding success)

2- A liberal government will create a working group to travel across the country consulting Canadians after which a group of experts will publish a HUGE document that voters will get to vote on. (like Charlottetown, same success rate as above).

3- The liberal party favours the dynamic approach that the current government has choosen (but the liberal dominated senate has refused to pass three times).

4- The LPC really has no policy on senate reform. The liberals are just mad that they didn't get to appoint liberal partisan's and cronies to senate seats.