Thursday, October 30, 2008

As A Female...

As a female, I have been totally disgusted by some of the Blogging Tories attacking Sarah Palin. So, let me clue you in. Talking about $150,000 spent on clothes during a campaign is as petty as you can get, (those two pillars for Obama's speech, over $150,000, but let's not let facts get in the way of our agendas)it shows a real lack of seriousness about the real issues, like socialism.

As a female, I respect Sarah Palin, as a mother, a woman, a wife and the Governor of the state of Alaska. I can recognize a strong woman without feeling threatened, so can McCain, too bad the MSM is so insecure they have to try and slander her because she is so strong.

As a female, I would never have been able to support Hillary, any woman who would put up with her husband fooling around on her, is not tough enough to run a county let alone her own household.

As a female, Obama scares me, not inspires me. Dating is a scary thing for a female, so most of us rely on that 6th sense. My antenna started twitching the minute I heard Obama speak, he reminded me of a used car salesman, promising me the car was sound, while crossing his fingers behind his back, and grinning at me. Personally, he gives me the heebie geebies. All fluff and no substance, and just that little bit of "noway" thrown in.

As a female, McCain is the better choice. He wanted the surge, he knew that it would stop Americans from dying. He is a war hero, he has put his country first, you know he will not be swayed by terrorists.

As a female, I fear the direction the US would go if they elect Obama, socialism can not ever work. You can not be Robin Hood if you want your country to stay strong. No robber has ever made a positive impact on society. Obama Hood is not a good idea for America. If he wins, Canada will suffer because Democrats are protectionists.

As a female, I know a phony when I see one, and Obama is a phony. God bless Canada for re-electing a strong leader when the US is the weakest it has ever been.

As a female, I vote NO for Obama, YES for McCain and Sarah Palin.


Southern Quebec said...

"As a female, McCain is the better choice. He wanted the surge, he knew that it would stop Americans from dying. He is a war hero, he has put his country first, you know he will not be swayed by terrorists."

Non sequitur. Last I checked American were still dying in Iraq. I can't understand him constantly being called a war hero. He was captured and sat in a POW camp. He didn't break out, he didn't save any other soldiers, he was just a prisoner - along with thousands of others. He graduated 894th in a class of 899. Not a stunning intellect.

Obama scares you? You embarrass your self here. Heebie geebies? Why not just say "scary black man" and get over it? Dating is scary? Puhleese.

You talk about Hillary not being able to run her own household. Sarah's daughter gets knocked up by a redneck and her son has to join the army to avoid criminal charges. Hillary's daughter goes to Stanford. (That's a university BTW)

And Caribou Barbie is a pathological liar. Flat out.

Southern Quebec said...

And the used car dealer, you got it wrong, it's McCain --

Liberal 4evr said...

SQ, what you said about mccain was disgusting the man suffered in a pow camp, with a broken body. was offered to go home but stayed with his fellow pow, "he was just a prisoner"? you would of cried for your mommy.
Noticed that since he does not agree with you he brought out the race issue, hinting your a racist.
I tried to offer an opposing side on my blog, I like s.palin for the same reason you posted and was attacked and some tried to insult me, to no avail may I had. They even posted a detailed post on how stupid I am, and the supporting comments where...nasty, some even calling my dead mother "whorish". And I am centrist liberal. I believe that for the good of our economies, it would be better to have mccain, since obamas policies reflect the same ones as hoovers in 1932, which most now accept, caused the great depression, well that did not go well either...

CC said...

Hey, SQ, you forgot to mention that John "War Hero" McCain was such a stellar pilot that he managed to lose five aircraft. Oh, and you'd think that, "as a female," Hunter might care that McCain treated his first wife like crap and cheated on her.

Ah, but none of this matters when you're so gloriously in love, as is Hunter. Adolescent crushes are always the cutest, aren't they?

CC said...

Heh. When even Fox News rips you a new orifice, you are truly in trouble.

Quickly now, a poll: How long until Hunter starts banning comments from people who disagree with her and present actual facts? You know it's coming. Yes, it is. It's how Hunter operates. It's what cowards do.

Southern Quebec said...

And don't forget, McCain called Cindy a c*nt. Would this mean he would be banned from your blog?

East of Eden said...

CC: disagreement with POVs is one thing. Ignorance and juvenile posturing is quite another. You fall into the latter category. If you have something intelligent to say, do so. But, remember that it's all in the delivery. You have, in this post, shown yourself to be an idiot.

East of Eden said...

Lib 4Ever - thank you for your rational and non-ranting comment. I have to say that it is a rare thing to encounter a non-slagging Lib or lefty on our Conservative blogs. I appreciate civilized debate and it looks like you would be such a participant. I, also, respect Palin. I believe that she is intelilgent and strong but just not ready for the job she has been given. Perhaps in a year or so, she'll be better prepared but right now, she's well out of her league. I believe that she can catch up quickly, though.

East of Eden said...

Hey CC - I just took a look at your profile - nice blog you have there: People That God Wants Dead. BTW - when you're talking about living creatures such as people, the word is "whom" or "who" and not "that". When I say "nice blog", I am being sarcastic. The word "disgusting" comes to mind.

Southern Quebec said...

I sorry EofE, what was juvenile? Hunter, does a whole posting on scary black men, and heros who dump their first wife to marry a millionaire trophy wife, whom he then calls a c*nt. And I am the juvenile?

Please clarify.

hunter said...

Southern Quebec, you are the one who brought up "black", you are the one who is making this a racial issue. That shows us all that if you dislike Obama for his policies, the left will call you racist. His being "black" has nothing to do with it as far as I'm concerned.

You further disgrace yourself by bringing Palin daughter into this and calling her boyfriend a "redneck".

Maybe you should check your prejudices at the door next time.

Liberal4evr, sad to see that you have run into the same lack of tolerance for differences in opinion that most of us have had to put up with, that is how the "progressives" operate.

wilson said...

''Personally, he gives me the heebie geebies''
Me too. Same with Iggy, that creepy smile.....yuk.

Obama is a camelion, he will change colors before your eyes.

IMO the 'black man' thing is winning Obama undeserved support, not scaring people.
Obama is proof that money talks. He bought this election with smooth talk.

Obama teamed with the Dem houses is going to be as big a disappointment to the US as Dion was here, and as Rae was to Ontario.

wilson said...

BTW if millions of Americans didn't have reservations about Obama, this election would be over.
The US is absolutely hungery for change, Obama is putting out half hour infomercials about himself, yet it's still a race.

Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter is not running for VP.

Sarah Palin is as genuine as they come, and scares the crap out of the Dems, so they throw everything at her to tear her down.

The McCain/Palin ticket may have had this election bought out from under them, but Sarah is going to be on Obama's case 24/7.

Ti-Guy said...

As a female, Obama scares me, not inspires me. Dating is a scary thing for a female, so most of us rely on that 6th sense.

So, whenever you're confronted with having to evaluate the character of a man, even forbidden, exotic men such as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, you do so within the framework of potential lover?

My Goodness, Hunter. Go take a cold shower, or something.

East of Eden said...

I think I should remind people like SQ and others like him that Obama is not just "black", he is also "white". He is bi-racial, if anybody actually thinks that matters.

As for Palin's daughter - I agree. She is not running for office. As far as I am concerned, families should be off-limits for unwarranted criticism. And, face it, none of us knows the Palins personally so none of us is in a position to criticise.

I agree that Obama is chameleon-like. He is a political tool which the Dems are using - after the work and dedication of people like Martin Luther King Jr. to mainstream black America and make skin colour a non-issue, here we ahve Obama being used as a "black" candidate. I repeat - skin colour is a non-issue and he is not "black" - he is bi-racial.

Mowich said...

My son-in-law is an American soldier scheduled for his second tour of duty in Iraq next May, he is definitely NOT voting for McCain. As he put it to me during one of our talks, the soldiers in his unit at first supported McCain because of his war record. They started to change their minds when time and time again, McCain brought up his record. Apparently, my son-in-law tells me, it is very very poor form to talk about your service record. A soldier does his duty, does not boast about his service and certainly never brings it up again and again especially not for political gain. When did you ever hear Colin Powell brag about his record???

As far as Mrs. Palin, I too am a woman and personally find her an insult to good, strong women leaders anywhere. Her fall back when not able to answer questions is the old 'cutsie' routine, which I find nauseating in the extreme. She has justly earned the title 'cariboo barbie.'

Ti-Guy said...

I think I should remind people like SQ and others like him that Obama is not just "black", he is also "white". He is bi-racial, if anybody actually thinks that matters.

You're even more insane than Hunter is. I get the impression that Hunter, on some level, knows she's not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but to assert and refute the importance of race in the same paragraph takes a kind of crazy the rest of us can only gaze upon in awe.

Or not. I'm just really bored. about your *balls* again.

Southern Quebec said...

Hunter, the boyfriend called himself 'redneck' on his MySpace page.

While the daughter is not running for office, Mom firmly preaches abstinence. Abstinence for thee, but not for me?

Ti-Guy said...

It wasn't even so much the issue that Bristol Palin got into a bit o' trouble; the whole experience...the underage drinking, the "f*cking redneck!" boyfriend reveals teenagers out of control and some very poor parenting on the part of the Palins, which is a "family values" hypocrisy so blatant that you'd think even the "Christians" would find it intolerable. But then, they tend not to read the New Testament and forget what Jesus said about hypocrites.

Mattt said...

Hunter, can you point me towards where you found out that the pillars Obama used cost $150,000?

CC said...

It's thoroughly amusing to watch Hunter's lame after-the-fact rationalizations. Here she is, gushing over Sarah Palin:

"... I respect Sarah Palin, as a mother, a woman, a wife and the Governor of the state of Alaska. I can recognize a strong woman ..."

But wait! If one substitutes "senator from New York" up there, one could conclude that Hunter would be just as awestruck by Hillary Clinton! Oh, no! That's terrible! We can't have that!

Realizing this, Hunter understands that she must quickly find a rationale to demean Hillary. Ah, there we go:

"As a female, I would never have been able to support Hillary, any woman who would put up with her husband fooling around on her, is not tough enough to run a county let alone her own household."

Excellent. Having explained why she idolizes Palin, Hunter now tells us that she despises a similar Hillary because ... of something someone else did. Brilliant!

Of course, if the situation were reversed and it was Palin's husband that had fooled around, you know as well as I do that Hunter would right now be explaining that that's why she so respects Palin -- because of the obvious inner strength of a woman that can work through that adversity, forgive her man, keep her family together, etc, etc, yadda yadda yadda.

It's the way Hunter (and the majority of the Blogging Tories) work: everything is context-dependent.


Fay said...

WOW, I thought that we lived in a country where we respect each others point of view.There appears to be a lack of respect in Many of the post here today.

East of Eden said...

Fay - the Libs and Lefties never respect the opinion of those who are not in agreement with them. They also will not accept as fact when it is right in front of them. They also will not even consider a thought which comes from a Conservative. This is because they are "enlightened and inclusive" and because they believe in "truth".

Southern Quebec said...

EofE: You are sooooo right. But you don't realize it. Truth, (without air quotes)is where it's at in Liberal Land. And Fay, there is no disrespect here, only people asking Hunter to back up her statements with facts.

maryT said...

I doubt very much if there are many american or canadian families who have not had an unwed pregnacy somewhere in their family, going back 100 years. Those families and their decendants have made choices, and many of them said, keep the baby. By the numbers it seems that many choose to kill them, unless one thinks all abortions are on married women.
IMO those that condem Sarah for her daughter or DS child, are guilty of making the other choice and can't handle that the rest of us choose life.

East of Eden said...

SQ - I have to disagree with you. I used to read the blog on the famous former MP who calls himself the leader in digital democracy. I have never seen such deception in my life - all couched in "truth" and "democracy". The whole Green Shift was a lie, as well. Dion wanted to tax polluters and give us these supposed tax breaks. He knew and so did his people that the green shift would hurt all Canadians and especially the most vulernable. I'm sorry, but I don't think the Libs can recognize the truth.

Ti-Guy said...

What a liar you are, East of Eden. But, that's the Conservative modus operandi: lie and lie big.

Chimera said...

"As a female..."

'Scuze me, but does being "a female" give anyone special qualifications or unique insights or particular dispensation when it comes to personal observations and opinions?

Are we to accept that you are speaking for all females? 'Cause there's a few of 'em I know who would put up one helluva fight if they think that's what you're trying to do.

Raphael Alexander said...


Hunter may be on to something regarding the kinship of woman thing here. My mother actually reads my blog occasionally, and told me she thought it was nasty the way everybody is "piling" up on her. And my mother is extremely liberal.

Plus if you look at the people who argued with me on my blog about Palin, they were almost exclusively female, Hunter included.

I think there's a definite friction there, and women see and sympathize with that. They also want badly to identify with a strong woman in politics. So I don't like her politics, but there's so much more important things to talk about than Sarah Palin's clothing. So, for that at least, Hunter has a point.

syncrodox said...


The fact that the likes of CC and his crew are posting here speaks volumes about the raw nerve you hit.

You go girl.


mahmood said...

It's gotta be Halloween, the insane/profane Cesspoolian Hallo weenies have arrived in full(well, every day attire) costume...the Cynic Cesspool boy has got some balls(or whatever that is between his legs)to ramble on about an adolescent crush, just the mere mention of Pee Zee Myers and whoa!, check that thingamabobby between your legs Cessy, it's leaking...quick son, to the kleenex!(o'k' q-tip)...and the ti-guy shows up, regular as a prune induced bowel movement and about as intelligent...the only creature missing(about as much as a hemorrhoid)is lol-de-lol-KEVron...come on KEV, we got us a is on the line tonite, don't let me down buddy.


hunter said...

Maybe I was too hard on you Raphael for your Palin post. I told your wife to give you a good smack on the side of the head, but it appears your Mother did that for you.

You are very right in saying that strong Conservative women want a strong woman to represent them, we demand nothing less.

hunter said...

Poor CC, has no original thoughts or ideas, so it keeps linking to my posts. It has even started posting comments here, from what I understand that is rare, or should I say a sign of desperation.

Not getting any traffic on your site CC? Like a parasite, CC links to my posts, hoping to get someone to click on it's site. Never been there, have no reason to go there, and I recommend to my readers to stay away from there.

Southern Quebec said...

Why would you recommend readers stay away from CanadianCynic if you have never been there?

East of Eden said...

Ah Ti-Guy - how typical of your ilk to launch a personal attack.

East of Eden said...

SQ - you don't have to jump off a cliff to know that it's hazardous. Same thing for not visiting CC's site - just his/her comments are enough to indicate the quality, or lack thereof, of his/her site. I did check it out - won't go back.

Question: do you see yourself as a provocateur? Your questions appear to be intented to provoke. In fact, your questions and comments are very, very similar to those of our old friend Gayle. She, also, tried to provoke but tangled herself up in contradictory arguments and showed herself to be disinterested in open debate. She only sought to provoke.

East of Eden said...

Synchrodox - you're on to something there. It is funny how these folks who have nothing better to do than slag and profane become addicted to Conservative blogs. Kind of like moths to a flame, it would appear.

East of Eden said...

Mahmood - well said. My only edit would be to substitute "pimples" for "balls". Men have balls. Little eunuchs have pimples or warts.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

"As a female, McCain is the better choice."

I thought McCain was male. What am I missing here?

East of Eden said...

Uh, Crab Grass - she means "speaking as a female". The rest of us got it. But I think you knew that and were just trying to be a smart alec.