Saturday, January 23, 2010

Looking Like Idiots!

Warning some of these videos contain graphic content! Do not have your children near you when viewing these!

Stand up FOR Canada, that's what we were doing just a year ago.

Notice all the Canadian flags and yikes, they are singing "Oh Canada" too. Look it's the anti-coalition rallies from just a year ago.

Stand up TO Harper, is the new cry from the lefties. Did you see the NDP manufactured signs? Did you hear them sing "Oh Canada"? Me neither. Iggy, and Layton showed their partisan selves by showing up at the protests. You didn't see PM Harper show up at any protests about the coalition, he has more class and more sense.

The MSM pushed this issue with everything they had, and it was a big flop. Their influence is slipping away, and they are too stupid to understand that they are killing their jobs with their biased reporting. So be it!

Watch this if you like Craig Oliver. Oh by the way Oliver baby, the anti-coalition protests were in January too, and they were bigger. It's all a big manufactured crisis by the MSM and their favorite buddies the Liberals. Too bad Liberals talk a good game, but have no idea how to actually get anything done.

I am sick and tired of our biased media. So I want to start targeting their advertisers, because without them, they can not survive. Coors beer has to go, buy Brewhouse instead, it's only a $1 a beer (in Alberta) and my hubby says it tastes just as good. If everyone stops buying Coors for just one month, they will get the message, especially if we email them as to why they are losing revenues.

Lefties are yapping about prorogation of Parliament being a threat to our democracy. So let's compare and contrast. This is something our lefties can not understand, people actually giving their lives to try and get democracy. This prorogue protest is so juvenile compared to the people who are really fighting for their chance to be free.

Real people are fighting with everything they have to gain freedom, while our lefties turn a blind eye. Feminists should be rushing to Afghanistan and Haiti to help, but they are too busy chanting "My body, my choice" to hear the pain of Afghanistan women who are getting acid thrown in their faces. Feminists are silent about that though, it's not politically correct.

Can Layton, Duceppe, and Iggy now support the budget without looking like idiots? Or will one of the coalition parties fall on their sword for the other two parties? Funny how none of the people rallying were calling for an election. If this government is soooo bad, bring them down, let's have an election!!!

Why weren't we hearing this chant?

What do we want?
An election NOW!
What do we need?
An election NOW!

HA! Chickens.

UPDATE: It appears that Edmonton's rally was organized by the NDP. Eco-nut Linda Duncan was front and center with her support group, troll Gayle included.

“The last time (Harper) prorogued a year ago, the reaction was some what different,” said Linda Duncan, NDP MP for Edmonton-Strathcona, who spoke at the rally.

“This time it’s clear to people that it’s an unacceptable act.”


What's this? Bob Rae is King of the Prorogue?? H/T to Wilson and Blame Crash!


The_Iceman said...

Fantastic post! I have drawn the ire of the CAP Facebook goup for being delayed by a serious traffic accident and arriving late to their rally point. It is what it is, some might say...

I suppose that I should have turned around after the fiery car wreck instead of heading downtown on foot to try to find the kooks and being greeted by nothing but empty streets...

dot dot dot

Kunoichi said...

Locally, the anti-prorogue demo saw an estimated 300 people. It was about -8C with a wind chill of -13C or so. When my daughter and I participated in the local Rally for Canada, about 500 people showed up. It was in the -20's, not counting wind chill. If this is all the people willing to come out in such balmy weather, I wouldn't call it a success at all.

What I find funny is the count for the Toronto crowd. I've seen 3000, 4000, 7000 and "over 7000," all estimates given for the same group of people.

Bec said...

What a repulsive exposure of staged, bought and paid for, politicking.

These people are indeed, idiots. Dozens of identical signage? How exactly does that happen? It's called controlled and manipulated propaganda.
The biggest piece of BS was the piece of $hit that had the Prime Minister sporting a Hitler mustache and Nazi uniform.
That in itself describes these morons and their lack of intelligent analysis.
The only province in this country that ever unearthed and convicted a Nazi sympathizer, Jim Keegstra was Alberta. Ironic huh?
But I digress to THEIR LEVEL.

To compare this open minded, fair, rational and intelligent PM from a CONSERVATIVE party to a SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST regime is nothing short of stupidity.

Most of these idiots. do not realize THEY in fact are supporting Socialism and Communism by supporting the likes of Ignatieff and say nothing of Dizzy Lizzie. They need to do their homework and it should not be done on Google. Intelligent people have learned that Google is just the CBC on the Internet

Bec said...

ps Hunter....ha I thought that I had watched the video 2 before but in fact I hadn't. That is MY DAD in the centre of the screen, beside the guy in the yellow cap.

My Mom and I are 2 rows ahead with signs and flags. I have seen us in other videos but this one brings back the best memory of that emotional Christmas when I thought I may lose my country. Thanks so much!

ana r said...

Excellent counterpoint to all the whiny little minds who do not understand the parliamentary system, let alone how they can affect a change in the Canadian Government.

Alberta Girl said...

Well Iceman...if there truly were "thousands" gathered, you cannot tell me that within an hour of marching and stopping traffic, in a city the size of Vancouver, that it would have been totally cleared out.

Me thinks something smells fishy on the other side of the

maryT said...

Great post as usual. NBTory Gal has links posted on the fb page of numerous media clips of coverage of the anti coalition protests last year.
After yesterday will the media and opposition parties still try to put their coup in action.

mahmood said...

Canada's latte baggers drug out their "Harper is a Nazi" signs and headed out to the hootenanny to show the country what's what...then retired to their favorite pub to sip Honey Brown and congratulate themselves on a job well done...and tomorrow?...heh, they'll think of something, stay tuned.

wilson said...

Oh my.
Guess who the Kingof Prorogation is:

and amongst journalists has earned the name
“Back Door Bob”
because he hasn't met a minority parliament he hasn't tried to topple


wilson said...

Spector says :Ian Capstick 'now co-owns a progressive media agency' and then links to the G&M.....WHAT!!!!

cantuc said...

I think most of this media and left-wing frenzy and phony outrage over the prorogueing of parliament is in a large part orchestrated to deflect everybodys attention away from how wrong they all were on the settled scince of global warming . More cracks in it every day , seems like .

Blame Crash said...

Here's something for your reading pleasure.

maryT said...

Wonder how many would have shown up if there were not free concerts for the rentamob. Never watched so don't know who the acts were but whoever, they will never be purchased by me. Were any of them involved in the telethon.

wilson said...

2 solid weeks of National media coverage urging participation and providing links in every blog and article, anti-Harper groups organizing for 2 weeks,
Libs and Dippers organizing for 2 weeks......what a disappointing ( for them) turn out , eh.

Poor Boob Rae had to face question of his 3 prorogations in Liberal Question Period, with Jane Taber and Craig Oliver, today.
They did sneak in a clip of Mr Iffy.

Anonymous said...

"Too bad Liberals talk a good game, but have no idea how to actually get anything done."

I'm not going to defend the liberal record. I can't. That being said:

Didn't all of the government's legislation just get wiped from the docket? Yup, shutting down parliament does that. So much for Harper getting things done, 'being tough on crime', etc.

Bre said...

Ice man, get over it. You drew fire for denying there was a rally in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Out West, people were legitimately angered by the Dion coalition attempt and everyone was talking about it; and ready to fight it.
I don't know anyone who actually really cares about this prorogation, any more than their typical distaste for all political machinations-regardless of actors...

maryT said...

Apparently Bob Rae was asked about this on QP and said that those times were different.
Bet he thought everyone had forgotten.

maryT said...

And QP has been ursurped by some football game. So, will have to get it off their site.

maryT said...

And if you read up on prorogation you will see that all those bills must, MUST, be brought back when the new session starts.

maryT said...

Oh, forgot to mention, at the same state they were in when prorogation started. So, tough on crime and long gun registry will be back, with a non lib dominated senate to hold them up.

MariaS said...

Hard hitting post as usual Hunter.

What gets me is that these idiots were carrying signs that compared Harper to Hitler. This is the kind of mental deficiency we are dealing with, with these leftish folks.
They are so pampered by this nanny state that they refuse to see anything beyond what their masters the Liberal and NDP leaders tell them.
In communist countries around the world, people cannot even hold a tiny public gathering leave alone a rally against the govt.
Canadian Sentinel has a pic of the placard that says Harper Hitler and we should save it in our file.

FoxtrotBravo said...

y humble observation:
The lineup on boxing day to get the large screen TV door crasher at Best Buy was twice as big as any of the media organized, union financed rallies, and I wouldn't even bother to compare it the the rallies for the free dinners given by the Mandarin restaurant on Canada day.

Kunoichi said...


"Well it looks like I wont be eating crow for dinner after all. Dan Cook went through the numbers for me city by city and three thousand people in Ottawa and Toronto, 300 in Montreal, 250 in Edmonton and 2000 in Vancouver doesn't really amount to much."

Under 10,000? So much for over 200,000 people in a fury on Facebook...

Dr.Dawg said...

We sang "O Canada" twice on Parliament Hill. And Canadian flags were everywhere. Why must you lie to make your points?

Never mind. That was a rhetorical question.

As for the Harper/Hitler stuff in Winnipeg--turns out it was Tory fraudsters. Why must, I'm repeating myself.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Real people are fighting with everything they have to gain freedom, while our lefties turn a blind eye."

I like how you refer to lefties in the possessive "ours", like you, as part of some great "we" OWN them. It's pretty funny for someone who basically disavows anything progressive, to nevertheless claim lefties as "ours".

I guess you're just not doing a very good job as boss-man of the left when all is said and done. Or else you should stop talking like that.