Saturday, September 13, 2008

Campaign Of Intimidation!

Here in Canada, not in Cuba!! I have never heard CTV reporter Robert Fife so upset. This is not puffin pooh we are talking about, we are talking about allegedly outright intimidation of Conservatives in Newfoundland! If this doesn't make headlines across Canada, we the people, will know that the MSM is so biased they can't report on a real story because it involves a Conservative PM.

High praise goes out to CTV's Robert Fife for this report. He listened to the people of Newfoundland, and understood the seriousness of what they were saying.

Joanne over at Blue Like You broke this story on blogs, and she has the links to the CTV site that will give you the full story. She has the video link to Jim Morgan backing up what Robert Fife said. It is worth the listen!

This is a serious crack in our democracy. It's one thing for a Premier to have a campaign against a Prime Minister, but to allegedly have people intimidate voters, to have people threaten candidates into not running because their parents businesses might be targeted and closed down, is going way too far!

This is Canada, not Cuba! Where is Elections Canada??

UPDATE: Welcome All National Post readers. Thank you Kelly McParland for considering this an important enough issue to put on your site.


wilson said...

Fife has himself one heck of a scoop. I bet he wishes he could stay behind and follow up on the story.
Newfoundlanders like their politicians scrappy, but this won't be tolerated by them.

I do believe that the use of intimidation to interfer in an election is a federal offence.

This Liblogger always has the scoop on Danny, worth a daily read:

hunter said...

Thank you Wilson, I forgot to give you a HT, because you were the one in a previous post who got me on this story.

So, I am now saying, thank you very much for alerting me to this very serious issue!

wilson said...

You go girl!

West Coast Teddi said...

Danny is done like dinner. Duffuse.

James said...

If true, this is a new low.

Ontario Girl said...

Strange thing...or not...Tom Clark was reporting the NFLD campaign news and NOT a WORD about Robert Fife's earlier report. The story seems to have been SQUASHED.

Alberta Girl said...

I couldn't believe the woman newscaster who was at the desk during the interview asking

"What's wrong with that??"


Unknown said...

Listen, I live in St. John's, NL and here are the facts:
-Danny is hard headed and outspoken, maybe too much sometimes, but he is fair, trustworthy and has done more good for Newfoundland than any Premier in recent history. He has an outstanding approval rating here and it's not because we are intimidated by him. We don't intimidate easily.
-Jim Morgan has a sketchy political past if you want to look deeper and I for one would not take his word at face value.
-In the end, it is a secret ballot. No one has to know how you vote, and I am sure that Newfoundlanders will vote however they want with no repercussions and to suggest otherwise is silliness!