Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Snakes In The Pit.

All day I have been upset because of the Liberals and their slimy tactics. They are making the NDP look good to voters. Seriously, if I didn't like my Conservative MP so much, I would vote NDP/Green for the first time in my life.

I thought about everything that happened today, and I wonder where the real Liberals have gone. Or am I just projecting for those suffering from lefty hostage syndrome? Seriously, where has the true Liberal party gone? I fear it has been hi-jacked by special interest groups and far left leaning individuals. When even the NDP look tame, you have to know the Liberals have moved way too far left.

Snakes in the pit, will spit and hiss, but unless you put your hand in the pit, they are harmless, like the Liberals. They dig up a 2003 speech, and think it is their highway to winning the election. Well, seeing as digging for dirt is the flavour of the day, I found this little gem from 2004, while the Liberals were still in office.

Nice, bash the President of the United States, that will really help trade relationships. This can probably be forgiven because it was a clip from a comedy show.

This next clip is serious, and seeing as a speech from opposition leader Harper in 2003 is now fodder for the media, can the media ignore this case of a breach in foreign affairs, under the Liberals. Is a speech more important than a "supposed" terrorist? How did he get into foreign affairs on the Liberal watch?

In anticipation of the Couillard book coming out during the election, maximized exposure to increase book sales, (not going to buy that book)and give the Liberals extra ammo, compare her to Khawaja. She got some semi-classified documents, but Canada's most dangerous terrorist actually worked in our foreign affairs department.

Khawaja at very centre of terrorist plots: Crown

Most interesting is the chronology of the arrest:

Here is a brief chronology of key events leading to the trial of suspected terrorist Momin Khawaja:

Sept. 11, 2001 — Terrorists crash jetliners into World Trade Centre in New York and Pentagon in Washington.

Oct. 15, 2001 — Liberal justice minister Anne McLellan tables wide-ranging anti-terrorist bill.

Nov. 28, 2001 — Legislation clears House of Commons, opposed by NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

Dec. 18, 2001 — Revised legislation passes Senate and becomes law, granting wide powers of arrest, detention and surveillance, and authority to freeze and confiscate financial assets of suspected terrorists.

March 29, 2004 — RCMP raid Ottawa home of Momin Khawaja, 29, a software developer working at Foreign Affairs. Seize about 50 kg of ammonium nitrate and other bomb-making materials.

March 30, 2004 — Khawaja is first Canadian charged under new law with participating in or contributing to the activities of a terrorist group and facilitating terrorist activity in relation to international plot by Islamic extremists to bomb targets in Britain.

Dec. 21, 2005 — Khawaja charged with five additional terrorism-related counts, and the two he already faces are expanded.

Sept. 11, 2006 — Khawaja lawyer Lawrence Greenspon launches constitutional challenge to a part of act making proof of terrorism dependent on proving religious, political or ideological motive for crime.

Oct. 24, 2006 — Ontario Superior Court Justice Douglas Rutherford strikes down section of Anti-Terrorism Act and what he calls an “essential element” of Canada’s legal definition of terrorism, saying it infringes on freedom of religion, thought and association guaranteed in Charter of Rights.

April 5, 2007 — Supreme Court of Canada denies Khawaja right to appeal in last-ditch attempt to quash charges on grounds Anti-Terrorism Act is unconstitutional.

April 30, 2007 — Five members of so-called “fertilizer gang,” to whom Khawaja was linked, sentenced to life in prison for plotting attacks. Also tied to London’s subway bombers, who killed 52 commuters on July 7, 2005.

April 3, 2008 — Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear Khawaja’s constitutional challenge to Canada Evidence Act, whose secrecy provisions Greenspon argued violated Charter guarantees of fundamental justice and fair trial.

April 4 — Lawyer counsel Leonard Shore appointed to examine classified materials government wants to keep under wraps due to their sensitivity. He will be able to challenge government’s claims of secrecy over materials.

June 23 — Khawaja trial begins in Ontario Superior Court under shroud of security.

– The Canadian Press

I would think that this issue is more concerning to your average Canadian family than some speech from 5 years ago.

Funny how the Liberals and MSM have buried the green shift and talk about nothing now. Really, if the Liberals have no green shift, what to they have left? Smear, and uppity arrogance. They can't count on entitlements as long as PM Harper is in charge, too bad lefty reporters, no Senate appointment for you.

The snakes in the pit are showing their true colours. The CTV coverage is more biased than even CBC, and they are all shrilling for the Liberals.

Harper sees daughter off with one-armed squeeze
Updated Tue. Sep. 30 2008 3:49 PM ET
The Canadian Press

One final comment, lay off of PM Harper's family, making it personal because he doesn't kiss his kids is yellow journalism at it's worse. I see by how fast CTV closed the comments on that article that they couldn't take the heat. Disgusting journalism, from mister "Canadian Press" again, sponsored and fostered (let fester) by all lefty papers and media sources.

Beware the snakes in the pit, they want to drag you down to their level. Sometimes it's fun to oblige!


Anonymous said...

Off-topic. The city of Ottawa does not see the Green Shift as NOT increasing costs. So much for putting more money in our pockets.

Text and link:

Councillors Warn Liberals Green Shift Will Cost $3.5 million
Josh Pringle
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Ottawa City Councillors suggest the Liberals Green Shift plan would cost Ottawa taxpayers at least an additional $3.5 million.

In a letter to Liberal leader Stephane Dion, Doug Thompson and Glenn Brooks say preliminary research into the impact of a carbon tax on Ottawa's operating budget has "alarming results."

They claim the Liberals carbon tax would increase OC Transpo's diesel fuel bill by $2.74 million, and Ottawa's fleet vehicle budget by $791-thousand.

Thompson and Brooks ask Dion if he is prepared to amend the tax to mitigate the new costs that the Green Shift plan will impose on Ottawa's "already tight budget."


maryT said...

Great videos. Has the greenshift disappeared from sight because the liberals are so broke they can't pay the license fee to Jennifer, for every time it is used.

Anonymous said...

MaryT - I think that even the most dense Liberal has realized that we Canadians have seen through the revenue neutral mantra and know that it will raise the cost of everything.