Sunday, September 21, 2008

Socialism Sucks!

Here's a very interesting analysis of why the US and global market is tanking so badly. It's a long listen, but very informative. Crap loans to people who can't own homes, and institutionalized corruption are only a few of the more interesting comments he makes.

Mark Levin is a Conservative radio host, and he really can't stand lefties. For a quick idea of what he's like, watch this short video.

Or this one about Michelle Obama:

He's rude, but very informative about what has caused the sub-prime meltdown.


Southern Quebec said...

There is only one reason the US markets are tanking -- GREED. Money was lent to people to stupid people by greedy people. These mortgages in turn we sold as Asset Backed Securities. Also, the bubble in the housing market inflated the prices of houses to the point that the stupid people were taking equity out of their houses to take vacations. When the house prices tanked, the mortgage was more than the value of the house. The stupid people, subsequentially just gave the keys to the house back to the greedy people.

This has nothing to do with socialism. It is capitalism run amock.

Always remember: Privatize profits, socialize losses. It's the conservative way!

psa said...

George W. Bush's ownership society just got owned.

burpster said...

I get it it's April 1st, right? Har good one. :)

hunter said...

Obviously you three lefties didn't even bother to listen to the radio link I was referring to, that would require actually listening and paying attention.

Kyle Lahnakoski said...

That Mark Levin guy should do a little more research, maybe get an internet connection.

“More than half of subprime loans were made by independent mortgage companies not subject to comprehensive federal supervision; another 30 percent of such originations were made by affiliates of banks or thrifts, which are not subject to routine examination or supervision,”

CC said...

Um ... kids? I don't link to Hunter so that you can come by and try to engage her in intellectual discourse and educate her. I link so you can drop in, be stunned by the appalling ignorance, laugh uproariously, and move on.

After all, if one truly wanted to understand the mechanisms behind the subprime mortgage crisis, one might read people who actually take the time to understand it, such as, for instance, Investopedia, or InvestRight, or, or, well, you get the idea. People who know stuff.

Instead, idiots like Hunter get their "information", not from reasoned and experienced people who work in the industry, but from slack-jawed, drooling, screeching whingers like Mark Levin, because it matches exactly what they want to hear.

So is it at all surprising when folks like Hunter are utterly clueless about, well, everything? Because learning stuff is, like, hard work, and hard work is not what Hunter is all about. Stupid is way easier.

hunter said...

Oh, poor CC not getting the response you expected? So, you need to slag me personally, to make yourself feel better?

Weak. Stop linking to me, and you won't have to try and rally the troops to your way of thinking, which your post here is clearly trying to do. SAD CC.

If you ever had an original thought in your head, you might not have to link to other bloggers who actually have ideas and opinions of their own. You might even blog your own opinion on your own blog. WOW, that would be something new for you and Ti-Guy, the two of you could hold forth on how good your blog is, or not.

Don't like my opinions, don't link to my posts. But like Ti-Guy says, you are addicted. Come on admit it CC, you are so addicted to my posts, you are compelled, nay, magically forced to link to my blog, because you are a lefty, and have no original posts of your own. All you can do is try to denigrate other bloggers because they do not fall into your idea of Liberalism.

Let's be clear.

I hate abortion, it is baby killing, no matter how you lefties try to dress it up.

I am a Conservative woman who votes Conservative because I can't stand soft lefty do nothing ideology, that does nothing but produces papers on what should be done. Liberals can not execute any plan, because they have none, and if they did, they would be too busy arguing at the board table about how to split up the rewards to get anything done.

Liberals, all talk no action. CC write your own blog posts, constantly linking to Conservative posts just shows how vacuous you are.

liberal supporter said...


I'd say something more substantial, but this is one of hunter's more vacuous comments, and really, nothing says it better than simply roaring with laughter at the sheer lunacy here.


And by the way,


agsharma said...

Do all conservatives shriek like this guy? I guess they have to....after all the loudest voice gets heard no matter how pathetic and dumb the argument may be.

Ti-Guy said...

You might even blog your own opinion on your own blog. WOW, that would be something new for you and Ti-Guy, the two of you could hold forth on how good your blog is, or not.

I'm not really quite sure what that means, but I do read other things you know (as CC suggests, people who actually know what they're talking about). I like CC's blog because he discards that oh-so-liberal tendency to examine and explain what idiotic, ignorant, poorly-educated's the kicker...relentlessly hostile right wingers think and cuts to the chase.

I'm sorry you find life too complicated to learn anything about and feel you have to blame someone else, all the time, for whatever you don't like, but really, it's gotten tired. No one blames you for anything (except voting Conservative...but then, that's your right): you're just dumb and/or lazy. That's not necessarily a sin; it only depends on how you act on it.