Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Funnies: Read My Lipstick!

Top Ten Things Barrack Obama can ask Sarah Palin when he meets her the first time.

10- How do you load a gun?
9 - Is hunting scary?
8 - How do you get the bait on that hook thingy?
7 - What's it like having a spouse that isn't angry all the time?
6 - You were mayor, then governor, what's a budget?
5 - I've never delegated. Do you have a canned speech for that?
4 - What does "meeting a payroll" mean?
3 - Why do you have so many kids; haven't you ever heard of an abortion?
2 - What's it like actually being an executive?
1 - Yeah, but do the Germans like you?
So, Obama is the lefty love, but never discount righty voters.

Okay, I love that one, and every female should send Obama her lipstick to send a message!
Can't forget the animal pictures, so keeping with my theme tonight....

And, finally here is some relief from the high gas prices. This has started in the States, and it is slowly making it's way into Canada!

not much but it's something....

Free Gas Coupon from ESSO

Have a great weekend, and remember to volunteer for your Conservative candidate!

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West Coast Teddi said...

No-Bama it is ... so funny ... and next Friday Ms Hunter will bring you "Palin Presents Puffin Promenade - A Flight to the Hiding Place"