Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greens Lead Liberals In BC!!

That's what the newest Harris Decima poll states.

"In British Columbia, the Conservatives lead with 37%, followed by the NDP with 26%, the Greens at 19% and the Liberals at 15%."

Funny how they don't seem to have the BC chart so that we can verify that statement. They have the chart of the Quebec voters and the Ontario voters, but the BC voters are strangely absent. The Greens are at 19% leading the bottom feeding Liberals at 15%? Why isn't this headline news? It certainly is shocking.

Oh well, it's just another poll. HA.

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West Coast Teddi said...

The strategic poll on CTV of swing ridings shows a different story.

Who knows what the polls say until the election is over and then it is all academic.