Saturday, November 07, 2009

Everyone Loves Hockey, Even Our MP's!

This is hockey for a great cause! Go out and support the Boys and Girls Club of Leduc! As a bonus, you get to heckle some MP's!

Nothing goes better together than a good 'ol hockey game and raising money for a good cause, so on Saturday, Nov. 14, why not grab the family and head on down to the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) to watch some local businessmen take on Conservative Members of Parliament in a charity hockey fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club (B&GC) of Leduc.

"It was an idea that came out of a discussion with Mayor Krischke," said Edmonton-Leduc MP James Rajotte on the idea to hold the fundraising game.

Rajotte said he and Krischke talked about the idea for over a year and tried to find a good time to put it together, but election timing and speculation kept getting in the way.

He said the timing turned out well because of the opening of the LRC.

"We are quite excited about it."

The team made up of MPs includes Minister of Defence Peter MacKay, Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice and some the local MPs as well, including Blaine Calkins (Wetaskiwin) and Brian Storseth (Westlock-St. Paul).

If I remember correctly, didn't MP MacKay, break his arm last time he participated in a sports event? Hope he stays on his feet and scores some goals this time!

"We have a few Ontario MPs: our goalie Dean Del Mastro was my roommate and is from Peterborough, Gord Brown is an MP from Grenville, Ontario, Patrick Brown, who is our fastest player and in the best shape, is from Barrie, Ontario."

The opposing team is made up of community members. Each paid $500 to enter the fundraiser, with all the proceeds going to the B&GC.

Their team will be known as the Boys and Girls Dream Team.

I remember when Monte and Strahl roomed together, their blog posts were hilarious. Something is fundamentally wrong with grown men and women having to room to together like in university. People wonder why more women don't go into politics, here's one of the big drawbacks. You leave your family for the week, to go and live with some other woman and only get back home on the weekends. That doesn't sound very appealing to me. I would prefer to be at home every night with my family, cooking them wholesome meals and helping with homework. Then again I could be wrong and the wives might actually like having their husbands gone all week.

Maybe it would save us taxpayers money if they put up dorms in Ottawa, so that every MP could have their own apartment, maybe they would be healthier too. All those chicken fund raisers seem to put the pounds on our MP's. Maybe a hockey game is a good idea, gets them out of the banquet halls and into some badly needed exercise.

Anyways, this sounds like a great cause, and good fun. HT to JEN for sending me the article. Sometimes Edmonton and Leduc can be light years away, one part of the riding has no clue what the other part is doing.


hunter said...

I meant to add, will NDP MP Linda Duncan bike to Leduc and show her support?

maryT said...

What, she isn't on the team. Don't they need a watergirl or something.

Stelmach gets 77.4% support.

hunter said...

Stelmach is a lame duck walking. Albertans are going to clue the PC party in next election.

maryT said...

I agree. 77.4% of those there voted for him. That is not the majority of Albertans.