Sunday, November 15, 2009

True Patriot Love!

It seems that everyone, including Obama listens to out Prime Minister.

Funny I can't remember seeing this in the news...

Hey, even ex-PM Martin was there. Remembrance Day attendance has increased dramatically, why? Could it be that the Conservative government shows active support for our troops. Yes, I know that our troops are leaving in 2011...unless Obama (God of lefties) asks for us to stay. I would like them to stay and help the Afghan people, especially the young ladies.

A Prez who hates his country .... sad days ahead for Americans HT to Dodo Can Spell.

It will be difficult to "change" anything while Obama is in control. Change as Americans are finding out is not always a good thing.

True patriot love? Hard to have Patriot love when the President of your country seems to hate his own country. Something is out of whack with America, and they better get it right in 2010 because it affects Canada.

True patriot love? Canada needs to get that love going. It seems like we only get patriotic when the Olympics are running. Maybe we should remind everyone about how great Canada is everyday, not just during the Olympics. If Canada was such a bad country, like the econuts tell us, why are people from everywhere on the planet trying to get into our country?

True patriot love! You bet. Love our country or get out.


Southern Quebec said...

"True patriot love! You bet. Love our country or get out."

Won't you miss KKKate, KKKathy and Wendy?

Southern Quebec said...

Oh, The True Patriot Dinner gala was in the news. Only it wasn't for what your think. It seems that our idiot Transportation Minister announced via his Blackberry that, "Lady Thatcher has died". Except, it turns out, that Lady Thatcher was his cat! hahahahaha

Who names their cat after the Iron Lady?????

KURSK said...

Who names their dog after a failed climate accord?

Misguided lefties like SQ , that's who!

Haven't you heard, lefty? Canada is becoming more Conservatives, while they push the likes of your ilk farther to the margins of the political map.

Sucks to never be able to implement your misguided and dangerous policies, huh?

Get used to it.

wilson said...

With all the talk on the media of how astonishing the turnout was this year, on Vetran's Day,
not one journalist would give credit where it was due,
the combination of efforts to turn things around:

-Prime Minister Stephen Harper's bold embrace of Canada's forces (while Libs called him a war monger, waiting for casualties to make it Harper's War),
-Rick Hillier's blunt talk and fierce loyalty to Candian troops,
he was the key that unlocked the door,
-the Hiway of Heros participants who proudly line 52 bridges in Ontario as each and every one of our Heros are repatriated,
-Red Friday/Yellow Ribbon organizers who brought their pride in our soldiers, front and center to Canadian,
and their pride was contagious.

Credit is also due to Paul Martin,
as he began the process to drag the military out the the Liberal Decade of Darkness.

That decade saw our brave men and women in unforms lining up at the food banks, moral as low as low can get.

Good by Trudeau and Chretien era of demeaning our brave troops.
May we never hurt Canada and Canadians like that, ever again.


liberal supporter said...

Your link to "Prez who hates America" is bad.

Southern Quebec said...

"With all the talk on the media of how astonishing the turnout was this year, on Vetran's (sic)Day,
not one journalist would give credit where it was due..."

Ah, Shilson...we don't have Veteran's Day in the Great White North! Are you an American, because you use American spelling and refer to our troops going to food banks. Never happened. That was the good old US of A.

Red T-shirt Friday was a major success...hahahahahaha...get real!

maryT said...

Sorry to tell you the truth sq, but troops did go to food banks under liberal rule.
As for dion's dog, he better find a new name as Kyoto 11 is deader that Baird's cat.
Will all those greenies still waste fuel to fly to Copenhagen.

wilson said...

Only one person calls me that,
and it's Ti-Guy.

Liberal governments starved our military, literally:

'' — is a calamity; politics demand military contracts go to Quebec; soldiers’ families use food banks.''
Peter Worthington

''...The disgrace of the Somalia scandal meant soldiers were reluctant to wear their uniforms in public. Poor pay sent soldiers to food banks to make ends meet...''
Canadian Press

''...The report followed a year's worth of testimony from disgruntled soldiers about substandard living conditions. The committee heard horror stories about soldiers resorting to food banks to feed their families or moonlighting at second jobs...''
Ottawa Citizen