Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's Swing Into Cheating!

We all know that swingers clubs are legal in Canada. What's the harm? Consenting married couples go to a club and have sex with other consenting married couples. It spices up their sex life and allows them to spread the love around. No drinks are served so 16 and 17 year olds are allowed, just to add extra spice. It's not illegal, it's not prostitution because no money is exchanged, and it's not immoral because the courts have ruled that it is okay. Nice.

Now, the new craze is to cheat on your partner to spice up your marriage. That's right, cheat and enrich your marriage. Who knew?

Cheating makes 'better partners,' infidelity guru says

His wife obviously agrees as this picture shows:

Look closely at her eyes, she is so happy about the cheating she can barely contain herself. Every woman must be jealous of her and her progressive husband. Watch the video at the link, then tell me how happy she is about his "business".

"I think people who have affairs are totally misunderstood and for the most part they're people who are suffering. They're really lonely within their own marriage and when you're lonely there's a biological driver that's going to make you act out to change that," Biderman said earlier this week in an interview with Canada AM.

"So they tend to have affairs, they have dalliances, and often it makes them better partners, better parents, better bosses, better employees. It's hard for people to accept that, but it's the truth."

This guy has no concept of what commitment actually means in a marriage. An affair makes someone a "better" partner? What happened to "tell death do us part"? I can tell you if my hubby cheated on me, he would be booted out of my life so fast he wouldn't know what happened to him. Luckily he knows I'm a better shot then he is! (That's for you progressives, who hate guns, but think cheating and swinging is "cool".)

Dr. Carole Lieberman -- Beverly Hills psychiatrist and author of "Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live with Them and When to Leave Them" -- disagrees that cheating strengthens relationships.

On one hand, cheating "can make a dull marriage more exciting, at least temporarily," Lieberman told in an email interview.

"But, in the end, most marriages suffer terribly from cheating and ultimately break apart because of the loss of respect and trust."

Respect and trust. If progressives think it's okay to have swingers clubs and to cheat, do they have any concept of what actually makes a marriage work? Are these finally the illusive Liberal values we have been hearing about?

The comments are interesting, read them all!

This person needs some help, I know a good shrink that maybe able to help him. I have been married for 36 years and in all honesty I have not had a desire to go to bed with another woman. I did all of my running around before I was married. I see marriage as a commitment between two people,if there is no commitment then what is the purpose of getting married? Our society needs help in the worst way, but not from someone like him. In marriage for the first few years it is all about sex after that it becomes respect and trust in your partner and the longer it goes the more of a friend that person becomes. If you want to cheat, stay single and do your own thing,so you can go on without hurting anyone especially children, who are the most affected by break ups.

Religion gets slammed by the progressives all the time, maybe it's time for those with morals to stand up and tell the progressives that cheating is not ever good for a marriage.


Anonymous said...

Ya!! Right on!! Conservative do-gooders should tell all Canadians how to live! Preferably using the criminal code!

Bec said...

HA, Whoa what stories I could tell but I digress.....

I want to know what's up with the WHITE, CHURCH-ie WEDDINGS when then was none of the above in the relationship?

I also want to know what is up with the 2nd marriages (generally the result of a 'cheating minded spouse') that have equal if not more expectations from their guests?

"Let's Swing Into Cheating".......Gawd, I hope they don't have children.

Bec said...

Morality and commitment just eludes some neanderthals but sure,you can always count on that drive by intellectual abyss that sure as he!! brings criminality (too funny) into it.

OMG, can these people get stupider or more politically defensive?

Some Guy said...

Yeah, swinging is absolutely ridiculous. However, GritPatriot proves my belief that Liberals are delusional; we are speaking against something and believe it should be discouraged, at no point do we as conservatives advocate making it criminally illegal to swing and/or cheat.

And those who do advocate it are also delusional.

Gayle said...


Someone tell Vic Toews that it is immoral to cheat on your wife and get a young girl pregnant!

Southern Quebec said...

"Look closely at her eyes, she is so happy about the cheating she can barely contain herself."

If you had actually read the article, you would have read this:
" Biderman, who has been married for seven years and has two children, says both he and his wife have never cheated..."

Let's talk the morality of religion; "suffer the little children to come onto me"...OK so maybe we won't go there...

OK... How about how Conservatives are more moral than the rest of us mere mortals? Newt Gingrich, John Ensign. Governor Mark Sanford, John McCain and those are only some of the one's that went with opposite sex partners. I won't even go to the supposedly straight GOP's that were found in an airport bathroom with a wide stance.

I really don't think you meant to write this, did you?
"I have not had a desire to go to bed with another woman."

Somedays this is just tooooo easy, HA!

Skinny Dipper said...

I hate to bust some Conservative bubbles, but I do remember reading on the Net and seeing on the television news that people who are swingers tend to be conservatives (ie. Republicans in the US and Conservative here in Canada). It doesn't mean that they all are. It's just that more are likely to be conservative-thinking than the general population.

What an à propos topic considering my blogname.

maryT said...

So, Clinton was a Republican, as was JFK.
In our paper today there are open houses for 2 different couples celebrating their 65th and 70th wedding anniversaries.
Bet they didn't swing.

Southern Quebec said...


If you want me to name ALLLLLL the cheating Conservatives, you will need a bigger blog.

Just because someone is celebrating their 65th or 70th anniversary, doesn't mean they are happy. At a certain point it is too late to leave, then it's just a case of seeing who drops first! :)

wilson said...

Gayle, do you have the messy details on Iffy's divorce ?
and how about Trudeau,
yah there's a real man for yah.

In the recently released Trudeau book,
poor Maggy,
when she wasn't sporting a black eye (on numerous occasions, so says the book),
she was upstairs while Pierre entertained his many many women... in her own house.

P.E.T. the great, the Liberal shining light...

Get off your high horse Gayle.

bocanut said...

Gayle said...

Someone tell Vic Toews that it is immoral to cheat on your wife and get a young girl pregnant!"

Quicker ,someone tell former Liberal Party leader Bill Graham,married with 2 children, that sodomizing 15 year old male prostitutes is moral and legal in Liberal eyes.
"1. In spite of credible revelations dating back to April 2002 about Bill Graham, a sex addicted bi-sexual sodomizing a 15 year old male prostitute named Lawrence Metherel, Paul Martin allowed Graham to remain Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister - and eventually named him to the portfolio of Minister of Defense.

2. On Sept. 28/2005 a vote was held in Parliament to raise the age of consent from 14 (one of the lowest age of consents in the world) to 16 (an age which many still consider too low).
Bill Graham, Paul Martin, and Anne McLellan, on Sept. 28th, voted against raising the age of consent to 16.

maryT said...

I think there is a huge difference between belonging to a swingers club and an affair. Both are wrong.
And gayle, is you start throwing around who fathered children, remember that daughter Trudeau has.

Gayle said...

Ha Ha Ha

The blogger says cheating is bad (something I agree with), and then goes on to point the finger at "progressives".

I point out a prominent conservative minister is a cheater and the simple minded response is "the liberals did it too".

Conservative bad behaviour must be rampant if they can always justify it by pointing at Trudeau.

Cheating, lying, "swinging" has no political affiliation. It is time you people came to terms with that reality.

Gayle said...

Mary - he fathered that daughter after he was divorced - unlike Teows who apparently could not wait.

Rose said...

The left's legacy, bath houses and swingers clubs and socialist experiments on immigrants. When you have no moral compass and your life is guided by the dogma of "If it feels good do it" you have no place to go but in the trash gutter of society. Times are changing, children of the left are realising going through life blaming everyone else for what ails you isn't working anymore.

Southern Quebec said...

Quick...maryT...yell ADSCAM!!!!!!

wilson said...

Libs avoid commenting on revelations in a book
that PET gave his wife black eyes,
and loved the ladies,
while poor Margret stood silent.

Ah, such a man that Trudeau.

Come on Gayle,
toss out an apology for this Liberal hero.

maryT said...

Gayle and other should remember when you point a finger, three are pointing back at you. That goes for all parties and their supporters.
How long before someone will come up with an unfaithful ndper or a Greenie.
She brought up Toew, and tries to cover for Trudeau. Illegitmat is still illigitmat, whether married or divorced.
And of course we could go back further, to the lib minister who slept in a chair all night.

Gayle said...

Nice try wilson, but the fact is you thought that bringing up Trudeau was actually going to conceal the fact that on one hand Hunter claims infidelity is the fault of "progressives", while on the other one of your party's cabinet ministers was screwing around on his older wife with a sweet young thing whom he happens to work with.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with Trudeau.

At some point you are going to just have to admit to your hypocrisy because you are making yourself look silly.

hunter said...

I was going to delete this whole comment tread, but that would be attacked by the lefties as restricting freedom of speech. I want it known that I strongly disagree with some of the comments posted here, and I do not encourage anyone maligning any MP/PM from any party.

I want all posters to think before they post. You can have an opinion, but you should not personally malign anyone, whether they are a serving MP or a dead PM. It serves no purpose.

I do not want to put comment moderation on again, but I will if for no other reason than, I can not stomach attacks against individuals who can not defend themselves.

maryT said...

Way off topic, but the best news of the day, no Copenhagen treaty will be signed. And it is unlikely one will be signed in any future meeting. Kyoto dies in 2010 so poor gore/suzuki will have to find another way to ruin our economy. Cheers to our PM for his part in this. He has said, on many occasions, all countries or none.

bocanut said...

Gayle claims to care and work with troubled youth but donates money to the Liberals who had a Leader who was paying money to sodomize 15 year old male prostitutes.
Aren't kiddy diddlers some of the creepoids you're getting taxpayer's money to protect the unfortunate youth in your care from?
Not surprisingly, the ones who disagree with Gayle are the hypocrites.

hunter said...

bocanut, can you give us a link? I would feel better if some facts were presented. I remember something about what you are saying, but would like some facts. Thanks.

bocanut said...

Google "Lawrence Metherel".

bocanut said...

Hi Hunter,
Google "Lawrence Metherel"

PeterC said...

Had to search hard to find that reference, simply googleing that name did nothing.

To quote "Lawrence Metherel claimed he began a relationship with Mr. Graham in 1980, when Metherel was 15 years old, in a 2001 interview with Toronto-based Fab magazine. TorStar corporation, the corporation which produces Canada largest daily paper, publishes a weekly Toronto paper called 'Eye' which referred to Metherel as "an ex-boyfriend of Graham's" and Graham's "spurned lover," in a 2002 article."

So lifesite is keeping alive a story that was never investigated just one persons say so.

Speaking of searching here is something I found regarding swinging and conservatives:
"Demographically, swingers appear to be surprisingly mainstream, even conservative, in their characteristics. They have been found to be predominantly conservative to moderate in political orientation and to identify with the Republican party (Bartell, 1970; Jenks,1986 cited in Jenks, 1998; Friendship Express, 1994). The majority fall into the middle to upper-middle classes and tend to be in professional and management positions (Friendship Express, 1994; Jenks 1985; Levitt, 1988, Murstein, 1978; Weiss, 1983). Over 90 percent of Swingers are white (Bartell, 1970; Jenks, 1985) and middle-aged. Jenks (1985) found the mean age of swingers to be 39 years and Levitt (1988) found it to be 40.7. Data gathered by private swing clubs indicate that 90 percent of swingers identify a religious preference and 47 percent regularly attend religious services (Friendship Express, 1994; Miller, 1994). Others (Jenks, 1985; Murstein, 1978), however, have found low rates of religious affiliation and participation by swingers. "

The rest is here from the Journal of human sexuality:

Interesting read.

bocanut said...

Check out this conversation on the not-so-conservative "Vive le Canada" site. Here's an attempt to defend Graham:

Claim Canada's Foreign Minister Is An Admitted Bisexual

OTTAWA, February 19, 2002 ( - Canada's newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham, is a darling of the homosexual activist community having constantly supported pro-homosexuality initiatives including homosexual marriage. However, last year a Toronto-based homosexual magazine called Fab published an interview with Lawrence Metherel, a former male prostitute, who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the Graham, dating back to 1980 when Metherel was 15.

The story has gone unchallenged by Graham's constituency office, which admitted to LifeSite that it had heard of the story. As a result the issue has become a major embarrassment for Canada as it was picked up in the US publication Front Page Magazine, which repeated the allegations Feb 14 in a story entitled "Bill Graham: Canada's Latest Shame."

The mainstream press in Canada has touched on the issue in a secondhand fashion as the TorStar corporation's Eye weekly Toronto paper has come out in defense of Graham. Eye columnist Sky Gilbert wrote on Feb 14 that "the first thing you need to know is that Bill Graham is gay," and goes on to say that any interest in Graham's controversial past is evidence of homophobia.

While his bio on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs says: "He and his wife Catherine have two children: Katherine Helen and Patrick William," Eye says, "Almost everyone in the gay community knows that Graham is gay." Moreover, Eye calls Metherel "an ex-boyfriend of Graham's" and Graham's "spurned lover."

Canadian delegations to the United Nations, under previous foreign affairs Ministers, have been one of the world leaders in pushing a mandated radical sexual agenda on the rest of the world, with total disregard for national cultural and religious traditions. Mr. Graham's appointment begs the question of just how much further the Liberal government is determined to advance this agenda.

Calls to the Press Secretary of Minister Graham were not returned by press time.

A study of Liberals:

Hope these help.