Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Apology!

Excellent job by all parties, except Duceppe, what an egghead. As our fastest growing segment of the population, Aboriginals are one of our most precious resources. They can prevent us from massive immigration, they are our hope for the future.

This apology was a way to heal our country, great job PM Harper! I was going to do a video to preserve this day (might still, but today I don't feel like it), but the MSM is doing a great job of covering the event, except for our taxpayer funded CBC, they are debating who gave the better speech.

What do I know about this issue? Not much, except for a few First Nation's people I know, I have nothing to go on except first hand reports from them on life on the reserve.

What have they told me? Life on the reserve stinks. The Chief's reward only their family and friends and by the time they get done with the money, nothing is left for the other members. The chances of any none family member to the Chief, getting a house is close to nil, and no opportunities for real work exist. This is life today on a reserve, democratic self government exists, only to find out that the newly elected are just as bad as the old guys.


Pat said...

I wish someone could apologize for the Leafs. How about a Royal Truth and Reconciliation Commission to deal with 40 years of misery?

jckirllan said...

I demand an apology from the government, for the summer I was unable to find work between grade 9 and 10.
Then and only then can my healing begin.
Ona serious note, can we hear some positive stories about the purpose and reason for establishment of these residentials schools.
My mother in law and uncle both non natives went to similar institutions and received anexcellent education

Anonymous said...

"...What have they told me? Life on the reserve stinks. The Chief's reward only their family and friends ..."

Well isn't this the record of socialism in all parts of the world? Russia , China have the same problems but on a much larger scale. Communist party officials are first in line , just as are the chiefs and band council on the reserves.

The "bleeding heart" socialist liberals can hand-wring all they want , but nothing will change until the reserve system is abolished ... the reserve system and the band councils are the problem not Joe Whiteman !

An example is the Attawapiskat reserve which was in the news lately demanding a new $30M school ... where the resident live on a flood plane and refuse to move ... where the water was contaminated because no one bothered to change a filter ... where the chief austensibly lives with his mistress in a condo on Toronto ... where the band signed a HUGE financial deal with DeBeers diamonds but refuse to disclose the amount , but they demand our tax dollars for a new $30 million school.

Anonymous said...

2000 years ago the romans enslaved many of the peoples of Europe including my ancestors. Should I expect an apology and compensation from the Italian government.