Thursday, June 05, 2008

Best Of QP: Dion Is Clueless!

Dion thinks he's going to be the next Prime Minister. I'm serious. He honestly thinks he has a chance at the golden ring. Watch the tape, he thinks he is scoring points because the Liberals get up and clap. Pssst Dion, they are just trying to save their own jobs.

PM Harper is on stride again, he even gives Layton a boost. (Take the hint Layton) With three lefty parties, how can Layton win more seats? Funny as it sounds, by supporting some of the government bills. They have also kept out of the scandal mongering, that's why their numbers are going up. If they keep on pandering to only their far left voters, they will have a hard time gaining more seats. Try moving into the center left which Dion has abandoned. Your greeny bill is useless, and everyone knows it, it makes your party look stupid.... hold it, oh never mind.

The Conservatives have it right, don't just target GHG's, target real pollution, you know, the stuff you can actually see, not like the non-pollutant CO2.

Once again James Moore shows his maturity, honesty and integrity during question period.

Lastly, the CWB is from the Trudeau era and needs to be updated, but the bureaucrats will fight the Conservatives to the death to keep their little kingdom. Provincial governments need to step up and take the power of the wheat board away. Come on Stelmach, you're a farmer, get going. This one issue ticks me off big time, eastern farmers can sell to anyone, but western farmers are supposedly too dumb to sell their own wheat to whoever gives them the best price? I hate monopolies, like the CWB.

Dion wants to impose a carbon tax, this will affect our food, and heating our homes, it's a bad idea, by a clueless leader.


GrantK1 said...

Stelmach is too busy saving ducks. Good work on the QP film.

Reid said...

Lastly, the CWB is from the Trudeau era and needs to be updated

Actually, the CWB was formally established in 1935. And thank god Trudeau wasn't PM since then or who knows what kind of damage would have been done to Canada by now. :p

The reason the CWB was formed was by request of England to provide cheap food to them during the war at the expense of western farmers.

maryT said...

I have alway wondered why farmers have never sued for the loss of income from wheat during this period. If natives and others can go back centuries for compensation, why not farmers. How many people know that the CWB sold wheat to England for almost pennies, and England then resold it to other countries for a huge profit, to finance the war. The grain never was unloaded in England.

Anonymous said...


Your facts are off. You say the CWB was established in 1935 to sell cheap food to England during the war but the second world war did not start until four years later in 1939. So, either a) your date of 1935 is wrong b) your reason for establishing the CWB is wrong, or c) England was able to predict the war four years into the future.

maryT said...

That might be canada sold wheat to england, not the cwb. Regardless farmers helped finance englands war.

Reid said...


The CWB was established in 1935 in anticipation of war in Europe. It wasn't actually made manditory, under the War Measures Act, until war had broken out.

The German military build-up of the 1930's led most intelligent people to understand that war would be inevitable. The Canadian government put the infrastructure in place to steal grain from Western growers before the war broke out. Then when it did they were prepared and used the War Measures Act to make it compulsory.

A similar board had been set up during WWI (Board of Grain Supervisors - BGS) but was disbanded once the war ended.

Between WWI and 1935 the Western farmers set up their own pool to market their grains. But it was not government mandated nor compulsory.

maryT said...

No qp today but Newman is at it again. First guest from the Air Force, tries to get him to slag our new replacement for Hillier. What do you think of 2 army men in succession, answer great, the only trouble I will have is spelling his name. Asks everyone same question. Then he goes on to slag the Defence Minister for making the announcement. Newman seems upset he is not a shrinking violet, aka outspoken like Hillier.
He will also bring this up with his panel.
Sorry Newman, you are losing more than your mind. Cdns and the military are happy with the new guy. Biggest problem I can see for Newman, Harper has respect for the guy and he likes PMSH.

maryT said...

Another problem per Newman, new guy has served with americans in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

John Macallum will get a kick to the military new honcho who was Chretien's general

Anonymous said...

The criminal CPC. Cornered.
Let them twist in the wind a little longer so the full extent of their corruption is exposed. The CPC. A criminal enterprise.

hunter said...

Anon 5:52, hate to burst your bubble, but the criminal gang are the Liberals, but keep sipping the koolaid.

MaryT, there was a qp today, just earlier than usual. I find Fridays the best sometimes because the junior Ministers get their kick at the cat. I can't stand to watch Newman, so thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:52, hate to burst your bubble, but the criminal gang are the Liberals, but keep sipping the koolaid
You have the greatest koolaid supply around.

If a Tim Horton's employee is crooked, that does not make Tim Horton's a criminal enterprise, only an enterprise with a crooked underling. Contrast that with Hells Angels, where the top leadership (at one time "Mom" Boucher in the Quebec branch) knows and approves of criminal activity. That is what makes the Hells Angels a criminal enterprise.

Similarly, Cadscam and in&out are directly linked to the CPC leader, which makes the CPC a criminal enterprise.