Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On The Eve Of The Great Carbon Tax Swindle...

I just want to know if I get extra money back for being green! On my way over to the Liberal site, which I haven't ever visited before, I made the mistake of typing in, and arrived at this site, too funny! Make sure you click on the "Donate to Liberals" button!

So "shift happens" and I deleted the s, and made it to the real Liberal site, in search of the 50 tips on a greener living. I wanted to see how I would measure up to say, Al Gore! HA! Make the Liberals think this is a really popular list by clicking here.

My question to the Liberals is, if I'm really green, do I get extra money back from their "tax on everything"?

Here is my green life, I bet I have Dion and all other Liberals beat hands down, so show me my money! Better yet, leave my money in my pocket, not Suzuki's.

1. I have a solar panel called a south facing window. I keep the blinds open so the sun can blaze in and heat the house. In February, I roll two portable greenhouses (GASP) up to that window, and start all my flower seeds. No special grow lights needed.

2. I have a new 95% energy efficient furnace.

3. I have a new water heater, also energy efficient.

4. I have four 50 gallon water barrels to collect rain water.

5. I plant a veggie garden. Peas, potatoes, beans, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, green onions, tomatoes, dill, oregano, beets, raspberries, nanking cherries, all on a city lot.

6. I have two composter's in my garden.

7. I compost even in the winter.

8. I pickle the left over beets and cucumbers.

9. I make pasta sauce from the tomatoes.

10. I make chemical free wine from the raspberries.

11. I bake my own bread and perogies. (anyone need the starter for Amish friendship bread?) Chemical free!

12. I recycle, reuse and regurgitate.

13. I do most of the 50 tips on a greener living, does Dion??

14. I conserve paper by blogging.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. So, why should I pay a carbon tax? Shouldn't I be exempt like the big oil companies? (Dion is not going to tax gas.)

I also hear that they are going to impose a tariff on imports. So much for NAFTA. A tariff is paid by domestic consumers, with the government pocketing the tariff money, nice tax grab Dion!

The Liberals fail to understand people's desire to live an environmentally friendly life. You see, we all do as much as we want, to be eco-friendly, we do not want to be punished for our good behaviour, and that is exactly what Dion's tax grab is going to do. It punishes everyone on everything, no matter what you do to be eco-friendly. The great carbon tax swindle, is just that, a swindle to take from the average Jane, and give to Suzuki, so he can tell us how to do what he himself does not do. Don't buy this garbage.


maryT said...

I think they stole that list from a grade three class project my kids did years ago.
At least we know what they do with documents, use them for scrap paper.

Eskimo said...

Mmmmmm, rasberry wine and perogies! My Baba (Grandmother) used to make strawberry wine. It was thick as syrup, more of a liquior so she would 'thin it out' with vodka! And her borscht, boy do I miss that! Made with farm fresh cream! Her's was the colour of a pumpkin, not the regular bright read.....oops, off on a tanjent there!

I recycle my office paper. I go through tons of that, even being a one man operation. Didn't get a high effecient furnace - the break even point of spending the extra cost compared to that of the 'high mid effecient' model would be too far down the road.

I don't compost, but I eat a high fiber diet, so I'm just returning my intake back to nature. That alone should be worth a carbon credit or two.

Given Dion's 'coming out party' tomorrow, I wonder how many Liberals are pondering bringing thier own leader down, let alone the government.

Eskimo said...

uhh...bright RED that should read.

Ardvark said...
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Ardvark said...

This tax plan is a Liberal Ponzi scheme since the level of tax credits cannot be sustained if CO2 emissions actually do decrease.

Dion has found yet another way to hide a tax grab, err shift.

We should start a pool on to how many times Dion uses the word "shift" in his coming out speech tomorrow, but that would be wrong and probably very illegal.

But I got dibs on 15 just in case.

wilson said...

My bet is 3 journalists, including Susan Delacourt, come out immediately with "what Mr. Dion meant to say was...."

Any bets on a reporter asking Dion if his plan meets the 2012 Kyoto targets?

Will Friends of the Earth (or what ever fluffy name they are) attack Dion for not abiding Pablos Kyoto 2 law?

Will Suzuki demand Dion be thrown in jail, when the environuts' analysis proves PMSHs enviro plan reduces more ghg than Dions?

Archie said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Suzuki has something to do with this presentation. I'll say he says shift 22 times

Ruth said...

Garth says this morning that the Conservatives are running scared. Does he honestly think this is a good tax swindle? We actually need to reply on his site to give the Liberals our opinion.

Anonymous said...

I expect the liberals to "RE-CYCLE" the millions of dollars which they stole back to the people

Anonymous said...

All Dion needs to do to get his extra 60B$'s he needs is to layoff and shutdown enough Federal government bureaucracies and their expensive unionized infrastructures and operating costs. The Gun Registry bureau would be a good start.

On top of getting his money to supposebly invest in green technologies, not a cent of extra tax and it's obligatory administrative cost would be needed on top of the carbon reduction from layoff paper pushing bureaucrats.

In tough times when the private sector faces slowdowns and layoffs it should be mandatory that governments at all levels (Except essential services) should proportionatly cut too.

Posted by: Grind a Grit

maryT said...

With dion's ability to mangle his english I will be listening for him to mangle shift tax and leave out the F.
Re the videos of QP, I really appreciate you getting the ASL translator in the pic. Gives me a chance to refresh my ASL skills.

Ardvark said...

For the record I counted the word shift used 14 times in his speech.

Missed it by 'that' much!!

Of note Dion also calls his plan a carbon tax so next time a Liberal says it is not a carbon tax quote his leader back at 'em.