Sunday, June 08, 2008

Will You Be Taxed?

The new ads made me laugh. They will be effective, no matter how loudly the Liberals complain. Are they upset? Just go to the Globe and Mail and read some of the comments, they are even funnier than the ads.

Here are some examples of how shrill the Liberals are going to get:

Ricky for a Centrist Canada from Canada writes:
Why does the government, when there is no election in sight, find the need to directly attack the leader of the official opposition?

Painting Dion and the LPC as commie tax-and-spenders is ridiculous - just as ridiculous as painting Harper's Cons as wanting to see the planet die.

So why are these ads - directly attacking a sitting MP, party leader, and leader of the official opposition - necessary?
I fail to recall another government in Canada's history that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on politically attacking a member of the House in this way.

Is this the PM we want with a majority?

Oh, but it's okay to attack the Prime Minister of Canada on the Cadman affair, he's fair game, but poor little Dion should not be attacked with his own policy? And no, the GOVERNMENT is not paying for the ads, Conservative supporters of the Conservative party are paying for the ads.

Barry Johnstone from Canada writes: Who cares? The only thing the attack adds do is give us insight into the spiteful nature of Stephen Harper. I would vote for a baboon before I would vote for Harper!

That's the level of intelligence we get from lefties. What about the level of intelligence we get from the Globe? This comment says it all:

Dave Snow from Calgary, Canada writes: Isn't the Canadian Press supposed to engage in"objective journalism"?

"Sneering radio ads."

"Even though they haven't seen the blueprint."

"Just the latest media salvo from the cash-flush Tories."

"Snidely portray Mr. Dion's environmental program as a trick."

"Even though Mr. Dion has explicitly said his carbon tax won't apply to the retail price of gasoline."

This reads like an op-ed in a Liberal-friendly newspaper, not an objective fact briefing. Deplorable as the attack ads may be, they should be panned by columnists and editorials - not by the Canadian Press.

And people wonder why conservative-minded Canadians consistently accuse the media of left-wing bias?

Couldn't agree more.

When you go to the willyoubetricked site, take the quiz, it's under the header of "Will you be taxed". I took the quiz and scored 10 out of 10! Nice! That means I get taxed on everything.

Will this ad campaign be successful? At a time of raising gas prices, the high dollar, and auto layoffs, you bet it will. It will hit the average Canadian right in the gut. Just wait and see what happens when the carbon tax hits BC in July! It's not going to be pretty, especially for people on pensions.


Ontario Girl said...

And then to show how bias the media are...we have Brian Laghi on QP today saying the Liberals (HIS BABIES)should counter attack with...Youuu hooooo I'm big OIL. Guess the Conservative adds at the pumps(GENIUS) has him squirming? But then again he's from The Globe & mail.

West coast Taxed Teddi said...

This is Taxed Teddi from the Wet Coast (who turned on his TAXED fire place today) tax-tellin' you that my good friends and tax-neighbors will soon be paying an additional tax-tax (2 and a half cents on top of the $1.39.9) courtesy-tax from our tax-friendly BC Tax-government but what will I do with my "Revenue Tax-neutral" $100 tax-bate?

I have never put $69.00 into the tank before this week but hey am heading to Alberta for a few days of R&R - driving of course - can hardly wait to "filler up" in Golden!! Do you know that we even have to pay first before the pump will dispense that liter of gold??

Reid said...

The two things I laughed at hardest with that website:

Playing "Tax Tag" when you click on certain people like Garth Turner you get "taxed and loving it." Then the funny commentary in the upper right, "blog on Garth."

And then when the site is loading you get "Do you think it's easy to load websites?"

Good laughs.

hunter said...

I like the website approach, I wonder how many hits they got today. It's very good use of the internet for advertising. All the ads are in one place, and some fun activities keep you amused. Very smart marketing.

Ontario Girl, yup, the BIG OIL theme has replaced the "hidden agenda" theme.

West Coast Taxed Teddi, I talked to my Mom today, she was talking about the "government" wanting a carbon tax, I reminded her that Dion was not IN government. They are not going anywhere this year because a simple weekend trip to Calgary will cost $500, and that's before the BC carbon tax kicks in.

Reid, thanks, I hadn't played tax tag, good to know Santa will not be taxed! The "Do you think is easy..." line is going to appear again and again as long as Dion is leader of the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Well Jean Charest got away with his carbon tax here in Quebec because he imposed it last year before the big gas price increase and because he assured people the fees would not be charged at the retail level.

It must be costing us 5 cents a litre extra at least, but people have forgotten this hidden tax.

Fay said...

I think these ads are great.
On QP today, Brian Laghi looked like he was about to cry!!

Anonymous said...

Fay said...
I think these ads are great.
On QP today, Brian Laghi looked like he was about to cry!!
7:47 PM

I did not see QP yesterday but enlighten me, what gives you the impression that Laghi was about to cry? I thought they were cold unable to show emmotions. apparently he remains unmoved when canadians asked for their money back which was stolen by the liberals

Apparently Travers and Delacourt on CBC said basically said that James Moores has to learn to take the heat.

Ontario Girl said...

Speaking of Susan Delacourt and James Moore...Susan also said, "I really ENJOYED Don's interview with James Moore. Why bring it up? The story is dead. It didn't work the way they wanted it too. The wheels came off. The PM in affidavids talks about financial considerations. He addmitted saying it.Obamo-Nafta Gate-you get what you pay for. I've totally given up on the HOC with Peter Van Loan getting up in the HOC."

Then Newman said "It's not a good month with the immigration for the Con's. The tape is like having a teacher let you mark your own exams."

Then Rob Russo said.." It would make a DEVESTATING ad against the CPC."

Don Martin said" Liberals will also have witnesses that will see the tape. Since 2006 the CPC are NERVOUS about an election. The PM is BONE TIRED. He would start TIRED on the campign trail."

And last but not least..Susan Bonner said " The Liberals are HOPING the economy gets WORSE to pull the plug. The carbon TAX will show Dion to be a good leader."

Our media at WORK for the Liberano$.