Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Wave To Them As They Board That Little Yellow Bus...

And wonder if they will learn what they are supposed to, if they will excel, or just fumble along, will they make good lifelong friends, will they like their teachers, will their teachers take the time to understand them, you can only hope and help.

You watch them grow from babies into teenagers, and you try to be there for them, no matter what happens. You let them make more of their own choices as they mature, watching. Then, they make you proud as can be!!!! WTG SON!!!

We just got back from my oldest sons "Spring Band Concert", and tomorrow we get to see him graduate from grade nine. Heady times for him. Me, not so much.

What made me so proud of him tonight is that he had a solo part playing the trombone, with the jazz band. So what you say? Well, it's important because my family loves music, but NO ONE, can play any instrument of any kind, so he's a first. He was asked to join the jazz band, and he made the decision, on his own, to go ahead and try it. It paid off in spades tonight. You made me very proud Stretch!!

Remind me to take kleenex for tomorrow's graduation.


Anonymous said...

Mom if you really have to cry at my grad then i suggest you wait untill the really important high school grad. Oh and please try not to embarass me tomorrow PLEASE!!!

hunter said...

HA!!! I'll cry if I want to! Okay, okay, I'll be good, if I have to cry, I'll run sobbing out of the room! Now to bed, I have to bake those squares you love for tomorrow.

Jeff Davidson said...

well hunter, as much as i may disagree with your politics, your post rang true with me.

my daughter just performed in her spring concert also. it's a wonderful feeling to watch your kids grow into themselves.

all partisanship aside, enjoy your son's moment.