Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Best Of QP, June 3, D-Day For Dion

Well, it's deadline day for Dion and friends. Will they pay off their debts, or will Elections Canada show their bias and give them a free ride? Elections Canada is in a lose, lose, position, and it looks good on them.

Give the Liberals an extension, it makes the Conservative party lawsuit that much easier for them to win. Don't give the Liberals an extension, their buddies are in deep doodoo. What will they do? Which is the lessor of the two evils?

Don't miss Monty giving the best response I have ever seen to a question by Alexa, it was hilarious! He skewers the Liberals, Bloq and NDP all in less than 30 seconds. He needs to do that more often. Actually all Conservative MP's have got to stop tippy toeing around. Give back as good as you get, because you have to know that the media isn't going to give you any help.

Canadians are not tuning in to politics, they are not talking about it at the watercooler, they are not going to tune in until an election is called. In the meantime, the Conservatives can use the summer break to get aggressive with policies like crime issues. So far, the media is leading the agenda, a perfect example is the lack of coverage of PM Harper's European tour, try finding any TV coverage. If you do, post a link.

The main issue today was not the tired Bernier "affair", it was the deadline for Liberal debts to be paid off. So, Dion, who are your wealthy sponsors that you now owe? Who is pulling on your leash? We already know that Rae is owned by PowerCorp, who owns Dion?

It's D-Day Dion, fess up!


Anonymous said...

I listen to Question Period every day that I possibly can... but these tapes you make are just excellent. Sometimes you miss some of the "good stuff", but you do an excellent job with the very best of Question Period. It makes me very disappointed each night on most of the T.V. news station, they show the question posed by the liberal party, but never show the response given by the conservatives. For example, the response to Bob Rae and Alexa were just excellent, but the media refuses to allow Canadians to see that. I think we should write the news media and ask why?????

Jeff Davidson said...

In fact, loans must NOT be paid back in 18 months. Candidates MUST file their re-payment strategy by the end of the year and a half deadline.

All former leadership candidates have done so, including Dion. This is clearly stated in the Canada Election Acts.

Rather than rely on conservative talking points, you might consider the facts before you post.

With the economy looking increasingly shaky, with gas prices continuing to effect our very way of life, with climate change escalating while the harper govt sits on its hands, Canadians may be interested in a little more than "getting tough on crime".

If you are concenred with political donations, occupy your time with Harper's former campaigns for leadership.

Who financed Harper? He won't say.
Why not?

Further still, why not ask yourself why conservatives involved themselves in election fraud in 2006?

I suppose it's hard to ask these questions since you probably won't like the answers.

Thucydides said...

Hey there Jeff:

Extrordinary claims require extrordinary proof.

It is pretty easy to look up the proof about Liberal antics (and I actually wish that wasn't so; if the only thing you could find about them was rumour and innuendo the nation as a whole would be much better off). Maybe you should start wondering why the MSM is not trumpeting these stories the same way?

Anonymous said...

Give the Liberals an extension, it makes the Conservative party lawsuit that much easier for them to win.
Really? Only if you believe that the shrieking BT bots will somehow have an effect.

The criminal CPC still knowingly operated the in-and-out racket.

Ontario Girl said...

BREAKING NEWS...James Moore just held a news conference...the tape of PMSH in the Cadman smear was examined by two forensic EXPERTS and it was DOCTORED!!!!! CBC cut him off...went back and cut off the reporters questioning of events. CTV hasn't reported it YET either. No reporting 4 times an hour like the original smear story from the LIBERALS. Guess the TRUTH coming out from the fabricated smears isn't worth reporting? Will have to wait for todays QP to get any Conservative news.

Anonymous said...

How many canadians don't have access to other cable besides basic cable.
How many of them don't have clue who the prime minister is.
How many of these unfortunate who want to know what's going in their country feel something is not right that they feel the media is hiding from them.
How many don't know that they have been manipulated for years by the msm and cbc that the very party the msm supported/s with an iron curtain are the same party that stole from the ALL canadians.
How would those canadians feel or think, had they been truly informed by the msm cbc and others on a daily about the liberals thievery corruption etc ; most likely the people would have put a stop to the liberals a long time ago.

As long canadian with basic cable with no idea to the outside world but hear what cbc dictates to them will never know that they have be manipulated.
Let me be frank the liberals stole not only from conservatives or ndp or bloc, they stole from the liberals voters as well which today we have yet to receive our money from the liberals in full.

Tune in to NB TORY LADY blog to know more of the liberals corruption and the conservatives accomplishments which the MSM have failed and neglected to report.

GrantK1 said...

Hunter that was better then Top Gun...Great job.

Anonymous said...

Let me be frank the liberals stole not only from conservatives or ndp or bloc, they stole from the liberals voters as well which today we have yet to receive our money from the liberals in full.
Prove it.

Unlike the in and out and Cadscam which had the knowledge of the current PM, the sponsorship scandal was crokked underlings, who are being prosecuted.

Jeff Davidson said...

Conservative election candidates have regularly missed deadlines for repaying campaign debts, indulging in the same supposedly illegal conduct for which the Tories are now denouncing Liberal Leader Stephane Dion.

Oblivious to their own record, Tories escalated their attacks...

According to a chart compiled by Elections Canada, 426 candidates — including 121 Conservatives — sought extensions to pay off loans after the 2004 election.

once again, the facts interfere with the propaganda.

i won't bother with the link because i'm sure taylor and janke have already issued the marching orders.

how dumb can you lot really be?

hunter said...

So I go golfing for a day, and all sorts of things happen!

Jeff, graces my blog with not one, but two posts. Is it boring over on the libblogs or something?

Ontario Girl breaks some very interesting news, thanks Ontario Girl!

And some anon posters, like 8:26 come here to spread Liberal lies.

Thanks to all posters who enjoy my "Best of QP" videos. They are fun to make because the media usually only shows Liberal friendly clips, I get to show Conservative friendly clips.

Let's see what Conservatives can do to promote our cause. Be it posting on CTV or the Globe, or on blogs, letters to the editors, letters to MP's, there is much that can be done to promote Conservative thinking.

Now, I missed QP today, so, I'm off to see who should be a "star" next.