Monday, June 16, 2008

The Bear Facts.

Well, it seems global warming/cooling is causing some urban dwellers some unexpected encounters of the wildlife variety.

A heavy snowpack from this winter lasted late into the spring in the mountains bordering Vancouver.

When temperatures rose rapidly, many of the region's bears came out of hibernation at the same time.

"Usually, due to the weather, the bears will come out gradually," said Trudgian. "This year it got warm all at once ... We're getting calls all day long in the last little while."

Conservation officers estimate their bear-related workload is double normal levels.

The late rise in temperatures means wild berries, a food source for bears, are ripening later this year as well, Trudgian said.

So, long cold winter, heavy snowpack, late berries, equal hungry bears. Maybe we should send them over to Suzuki's house, I bet he has some bugs he could feed them. Meanwhile in Ontario.....

Residents were told to stay inside their homes but curiosity got the better of some of them who gathered on the street to watch officials close in on the animal.

"I was in shock," said resident Tom Kakamousias. "I couldn't believe it, I thought it was a dog at first. It looked at me, I looked at it, I looked at it again...I went to open the door and it took off."

Selby said bears are rarely seen in Durham region.

"I have no idea where the bear came from," he said. "He's a wild bear and they're hungry after hibernation. They travel far distances (looking for food)."

John Pisapio, a biologist with the Ministry, said the bear probably got lost looking for food.

"That bear had no interest in being here," he told CTV Toronto. "It probably found its way from the north and then got lost and then had no way of finding its way back to the north."

Looking for food? Shouldn't there be plenty of berries with global warming happening all around us? Colder weather, late berries, heavy snowpack, but that's weather, not climate, or so we are told by the econuts. Count me in as a denier. Today, was the first nice day we have had so far this spring, my garden is slower this year due to the cold, rainy weather, so I can sympathize with those bears.


Raphael Alexander said...

I think there's a chance we'll be seeing colder than average trends for the next two decades. This year is consistent with previous warming and cooling trends.

Powell lucas said...

The global warming scare-mongering was never about the actual science or lack of same. It is simply a means by which the left wing anti- free enterprise crowd can attempt to achieve social leveling by having the western democracies, which they despise, shift wealth to the poorer people in this country and the underdeveloped nations of the world. Preferably through the auspices of some super bureaucracy.