Saturday, June 21, 2008

Content Inappropriate!

You might know this blog for the "Best of QP.." videos that I do. Sometimes I do other videos on topics that interest me. Like yesterday I did a video on PM Harper and his comments that the Liberals were "screwing" all Canadians.

Seems a funny thing has happened to 2 of my 71 videos, all of a sudden, they have been rejected as "content inappropriate". Care to guess what topic they were on? No! Not porn, that would be the day. If you guessed FREE SPEECH, you would be right!

I had no clue that these videos had been rejected, no notice from Youtube. Thankfully a concerned reader, "rottendrew" emailed me and told me one of them had been banned, so I looked at all the videos and this is what I found:

Funny, both videos are about Ezra Levant and HRC's. Both have been rejected as "content inappropriate". So it seems that someone is targeting videos with Ezra's name, either in the title or in the labels. Someone is hi-jacking free speech!

I do not know who alerted Youtube about those two videos, and Youtube never sent me any notification that they had been "rejected". My account is still in "good standing", with no warnings showing. So, what gets a video rejected? Here's the rules:

As far as I can figure out, this is the section that got my videos banned:

We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express unpopular points of view. But we don't permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).

So they banned two videos that were about free speech in Canada, even though they state that they "encourage free speech". Someone appears to be targeting either Ezra, or free speech, or both.

Anyone who knows how I can find out who got those videos banned, please e-mail me. Or if you know how to get them "unrejected", I would appreciate the help.

I'm thinking of re-posting those videos under new titles like "Crazy cat tricks" or "Happy Summer Days" to see if they also get banned. (If someone from the HRC's or CIC are reading this blog, have fun searching my account all you want, I just might have a friend who will repost them, without using Ezra's name. How are you going to be able to search out all the possible Youtube accounts for videos like "My dog chasing his tail"?)

This is serious, it appears someone is targeting free speech and Youtube is caving in to their demands.


Matt said...

don't post it under 'dog chasing his tail' because nobody who is looking for it will ever find it. keep uploading it with the same keywords, email youtube and challenge them to find out what it was that got it banned. if you want to send me the videos i'll be happy to upload them to my youtube account to help spread them too. email me if interested
user: splatto
domain: gmail
extension: com

Roy Eappen said...

I wonder who is doing this. You should let Ezra know. The hrcs are probably behind it. They are pretty thin skinned.
Keep up the good work! I love your videos.

jckirlan said...

It is very sad indeed that Canada has turned into the nanny state where these HRC Nazi's have taken over and the pink hand rules. This is what happens when the populace is not vigulant and the safety net is used as a hammock.
Please do find out why as we can't let this happen.

Jen said...

When 'freedom of speech, is under attack, be prepared for what's to come next.

Any immigrant who fled persecution because they could not express their 'freedom to speak' without being persecuted can tell us that we are letting persecutors do here what was/ is going on in dictated countries.

Freedom is our live, our troops are fighting for it and so are the innocent people.

Look at the MSM very closely and see read and hear the direction they are taking us. So far they have ignored and refuse point blank to report or print the accomplishments by the prime minister for the people.
look at the way they promote the liberals without a care in world to the damage the liberals has done to us and to our military. Look at the way they praise the liberals; a party that for years stole from the nation unperturbed that our stolen money is yet to be returned far less to demand our money back from the liberals.

As long canadians are constantly manipulated, the more the media and the liberals have you in the palm of their hands.

Numerous of letters have been sent to CBC CTV G/M ETC demanding to know why the stolen money has not be returned to the people. Sad to say,not a peep was heard.

Bottom line is: We will never know the true meaning of 'Freedom' until we actually lose it or give it away.

Anonymous said...

Ezra Levant turns up 67 search results at youtube.

Anonymous said...

You've been a naughty boy! Big brother is watching!

Anonymous said...

ctv cbc will have to start shutting down too many hot-air coming from the building is creating a massive pollution.

hunter said...

Anon 12:32, that would be naughty girl! But you are right someone is watching, who is it? Youtube doesn't say.

Stevekog said...

Librano$ are BAAaack!

hunter said...

Stevekog, Excellent! Can everyone use that image? Can I put it on my blog?

Anonymous said...

Your videos were rejected for copyright infringement. When you do QP stuff, you add your own editorializing which makes it barely pass as fair comment.

hunter said...

Anon, No they weren't, I have had one rejected for copyright infringement, and that's what it said, these said "content inappropriate". Also then ALL my QP videos should have been rejected but they weren't. Your argument holds no water.

Lindsay said...

Um, is is the PhotoBucket image supposed to say "This content has been moved or deleted"?